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Last active August 29, 2015 14:15
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How to be a tester on iOS

Install TestFlight from App Store

Requires iOS 8 or later.

App Store

Launch TestFlight and Accept Apple Privacy Policy

Push "Accept" button.

Accept Apple Privacy Policy

Tell Your Apple ID to the App's Administrator

Open Your Mail in Safari

A email from iTunes should be delivered. Push "Open in TestFlight" button, after read the mail. Notice Opening the mail in Gmail App doesn't work well, so please use Safari.

Mail from iTunes
Open in TestFlight

Install Beta App in TestFlight

If the new beta app has been released, you can install it in TestFlight. Please push "Install" button.

Install Beta App in TestFlight

Open Beta App

You can use the app as usual. Added orange icon to distinguish it from the app installed from iTunes.

Open Beta App

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