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Listen to a nats topic and write to a HTTP client listening via server-sent-events
import asyncio
from typing import AsyncGenerator, Dict
from fastapi import FastAPI
from nats.aio.client import Client as NATS
from nats.aio.client import Msg
from starlette.requests import Request
from starlette.responses import StreamingResponse
app = FastAPI()
nats = NATS()
async def get_nats() -> NATS:
global nats
if not nats.is_connected:
await nats.connect('localhost:4222')
return nats
async def subscription_to_generator(nats: NATS, topic: str) -> AsyncGenerator[Msg, Msg]:
queue: asyncio.Queue[Msg] = asyncio.Queue()
async def subscription_callback(msg: Msg) -> None:
await queue.put(msg)
sid = await nats.subscribe(topic, cb=subscription_callback)
while True:
item = await asyncio.wait_for(queue.get(), timeout=60)
yield item
except asyncio.TimeoutError:
await nats.unsubscribe(sid)
yield None
async def event_stream(request: Request, user_id: int) -> AsyncGenerator[str, str]:
messages = subscription_to_generator(await get_nats(), f'user.{user_id}')
async for msg in messages:
if msg is None or await request.is_disconnected():
msg_data =
data_str = f'data: {msg_data}\n\n'
yield data_str
async def root() -> Dict[str, str]:
return {'message': 'Hello world'}
async def stream(user_id: int, request: Request) -> StreamingResponse:
return StreamingResponse(event_stream(request, user_id), media_type='text/event-stream')
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