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@herdrick herdrick/gist:438610
Created Jun 15, 2010

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(defn merge-general [m1 m2 f g]
(let [m1-only (difference (set (keys m1)) (set (keys m2)))
m2-only (difference (set (keys m2)) (set (keys m1)))]
(merge (merge-with f m1 m2)
(into {} (map (fn [k] [k (g (m1 k))]) m1-only))
(into {} (map (fn [k] [k (g (m2 k))]) m2-only)))))
user> (merge-general {:a 1, :b 2, :c 3} {:a 4, :b 5, :d 6} * sq)
{:d 36, :a 4, :b 10, :c 9}
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