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private class RouteListener implements RouteManager.Listener {
public void onProgress(int percentage) {
// You can use this to display the progress of the route calculation
public void onCalculateRouteFinished(RouteManager.Error error, List<RouteResult> routeResult) {
// If the route was calculated successfully
if (error == RouteManager.Error.NONE) {
// Render the route on the map
mapRoute = new MapRoute(routeResult.get(0).getRoute());
int routeLength = routeResult.get(0).getRoute().getLength();
float steps = 2 * (routeLength / 0.8f);
String title = selectedMapMarker.getTitle();
title = String.format(Locale.ENGLISH, "It's %d steps to %s and back!", ((int)steps), title);
else {
// Display a message indicating route calculation failure
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