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Last active Oct 19, 2021
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Binary encoding of OUCH messages in Elixir

Reuse logic in Elixir

Here are commons ways to reuse logic in Elixir:

1a. Move Function to other module (guards, pattern-matching) 1b. Protocol - Polymorphism

  1. Behaviour Dynamic-func - with def method_name(implemetation, args)
# See:
# See:
# See:
alias Decimal, as: D
symbol = "BTC_IDR"
shares = 5000
price = "1.3"
# Encode
p = |> D.round(4) |> D.mult(10000) |> D.to_integer()
message = <<shares::big-integer-4*8, String.pad_trailing(symbol, 8)::binary-8, p::big-integer-32>>
# Decode
<<shares2::big-integer-size(4)-unit(8), symbol2::binary-8, p2::big-integer-32>> = message
{:ok, p2} = D.cast(p2)
price2 = p2 |> D.div(10000) |> D.to_string()
{shares2, symbol2, price2}
# Pattern-match
<<coinSymbol::binary-size(s), "_IDR" >> = symbol2
defprotocol Ouch42Binary do
@doc "Serialize "
def marshal?(struct)
def unmarshal?(binary)
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