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emacs doom commands

emacs doom

C-x: press the x key while holding down the Control key M-x: press the x key while holding down the Meta key (if your computer doesn’t have a Meta key, see No Meta key) M-C-x: press the x key while holding down both Control and Meta C-M-x: a synonym for the above LFD: Linefeed or Newline; same as C-j RET: Return, sometimes marked Enter; same as C-m DEL: Delete, usually not the same as Backspace; same as C-? (see Backspace invokes help, if deleting invokes Emacs help) ESC: Escape; same as C-[ TAB: Tab; same as C-i SPC: Space bar

Useful keybindings

sSuper (command on macOS)



The exunit-mode prefix is SPC m t. Here is some examples:

commandkey / ex commanddescription
exunit-verify-allSPC m t aRuns exunit on all files
exunit-rerunSPC m t rRe-runs last exunit command
exunit-verifySPC m t vRuns exunit on current file
exunit-verify-singleSPC m t sRuns exunit for the item on cursor
exunit-toggle-file-and-testSPC m t tSwitch between implementation and test
exunit-toggle-file-and-test-other-windowSPC m t TSwitch between implementation and test in other window
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