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Created July 16, 2022 02:07
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const (
// PublicRead is used to set the permission of a file to public read
PublicRead = "public-read"
// Private is used to set the permission of a file to private
Private = "private"
// Upload takes a file and uploads it to the s3 bucket
func (s Service) Upload(fileBytes []byte, contentType, path string, isPublic bool) error {
permission := PublicRead
if !isPublic {
permission = Private
_, err := s.S3.PutObject(&s3.PutObjectInput{
Bucket: aws.String(s.Bucket),
Key: aws.String(path),
Body: bytes.NewReader(fileBytes),
ContentType: aws.String(contentType),
ACL: aws.String(permission),
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("s3.Upload(): %v", err)
return nil
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