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Created July 16, 2022 02:12
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// GetEmployees returns a list of employees with a pre-signed URL to their profile picture
// to make the example easier to follow, I have a mock data with a list of employees,
// so we don't need to use a database
func (u FileManager) GetEmployees() ([]Employee, error) {
for i, _ := range employees {
preSignedURL, err := u.service.Presign(employees[i].Picture)
if err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("filemanager.GetEmployees(): %w", err)
employees[i].PreSignedPicture = preSignedURL
return employees, nil
// mock data for the example, this should be in a database
var employees = Employees{
Name: "Hernan Reyes",
Picture: "employees/149d6d2d-6adb-464a-ad97-1927cffce309.jpg",
Name: "Juan Perez",
Picture: "employees/88c5d68b-4cac-466e-bb81-c0c4deb49534.jpg",
Name: "Pedro Perez",
Picture: "employees/1399d998-b505-4ce2-b49b-bd8073de9b9e.jpg",
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