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Working from home

Herinson Rodrigues herodrigues

Working from home
  • Porto Nacional, Brazil
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herodrigues / apps.csv
Created January 18, 2024 14:34
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: No commas found in this CSV file in line 0.
CBECC_Com2019_LargeFile;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGenerator;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCBECC2022_DEV;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2019.2.0;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2019.2.1_RV;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2019_IES;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2019_SVN;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2019_SVN2;Rackspace 520341;
ReportGeneratorCom2022.3.0-RC;Rackspace 520341;
herodrigues / oxygen_dark_theme.xml
Last active September 23, 2022 11:49
Dark Theme for Oxygen XML Editor
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<serialized version="22.1" xml:space="preserve">
herodrigues /
Created October 26, 2020 20:03 — forked from fgeorges/
Graph with expandable nodes, with D3

Note: A solution has been found, see below.

I am trying to create an SVG graph of nodes with D3, with "expandable nodes." That is, when one clicks on a node, its siblings are added to the graph (or more precisely: its siblings in the graph data are added to the graph visualization.)

The visualization uses a d3 force simulation (using D3 v5). When a node (an SVG circle) is clicked, the simulation is stopped (in case it was still running, to make sure there is no new node with no coordinates added in the middle of a run,) the corresponding nodes and links are added to the corresponding arrays,

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timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 --adjust-system-clock


  • Navigate to the following key in the left pane of the registry editor:
herodrigues / rules.xml
Last active July 29, 2022 05:55
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- edited with XML Spy v4.4 U ( by Scott Lewis (Big Huge Games) -->
<!--RULES.XML - Rise of Nations - Copyright (c) 2003 Big Huge Games Inc.-->
<!-- edited with XMLSPY v5 rel. 2 U ( by XMLSPY 5 Professional Ed. Release 2 (Big Huge Games) -->
herodrigues /
Last active March 18, 2019 13:27 — forked from dragon788/
Restore rEFInd as default boot manager from Windows after updates

After losing access to rEFInd yet again (Windows 10 Anniversary Edition), I was able to find the proper invocation of BCDEdit thanks to a helpful person on StackOverflow. None of the Microsoft documentation mentions this, but you NEED single quotes around {bootmgr} for sure if you are in the PowerShell shell, but possibly also if you are in the Command Prompt. This allowed me to add a new entry for rEFInd and I've had to do this multiple times so I know it works on Windows 10.

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\refind\refind_x64.efi 


bcdedit /set '{bootmgr}' path \EFI\refind\refind_x64.efi
herodrigues / StarCraft II API installation with
Last active November 12, 2017 19:57
StarCraft II API installation with Eclipse
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  • Build SC2 API project
$ git clone --recursive && cd s2client-api
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make
  • Install the SC2 API libraries and headers to your system
herodrigues / Installing BOCA Online Contest
Last active July 23, 2019 21:52
BOCA Online Contest Administrator installation tutorial
View Installing BOCA Online Contest

Installing BOCA Online Contest Administrator


The system was tested with:

  • postgresql 9.4
  • apache 2.2
  • php 5.6

Note: The symbol $ means that you have to execute the commands in a terminal