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Get HTML for a standalone layout in Magento
* Retrieve content of a standalone layout
* @return string
* @throws Mage_Core_Exception
public function getStandaloneLayoutHtml()
$layout = Mage::getModel('core/layout'); // Instanciate a brand new layout (not using the singleton from Mage::app()->getLayout())
$layout->setArea('frontend'); // Set the area for the layout (frontend or adminhtml)
$update = $layout->getUpdate(); // Get the layout update object
$update->load(array('update_handle_1', 'update_handle_2')); // Load update handles (array | string)
return $layout->getOutput();

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@herveguetin herveguetin commented Jul 1, 2015

In some situations, you may want to create a layout based on very specific handles. Using the $layout singleton of the current page is then of no use and may lead to bugs. The solution is to create a new standalone layout object in which you can inject your preferred layout handles.

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