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Programmatically create a cart price rule in Magento
This is a quick an easy hack to programmatically create a cart price rule.
1. Temporarely edit Mage_Adminhtml_Promo_QuoteController::saveAction()
2. Around line 123, you will find $data = $this->getRequest()->getPost();
3. Below this line create a new line containing :
4. Go to the admin panel and create a cart promo rule as you want it to be
5. Save it and then the code created at step 3 will throw you the data as it has been posted on the step 4 form.
6. Copy the thrown code
7. Rollback steps 1, 2, 3.
8. Use the code method supplied in the cart_price_rule_setup.php file of this gist to create the rule based on code copied at step 6
$model = Mage::getModel('salesrule/rule');
if (isset($data['rule_id'])) {
if (isset($data['simple_action']) && $data['simple_action'] == 'by_percent'
&& isset($data['discount_amount'])
) {
$data['discount_amount'] = min(100, $data['discount_amount']);
if (isset($data['rule']['conditions'])) {
$data['conditions'] = $data['rule']['conditions'];
if (isset($data['rule']['actions'])) {
$data['actions'] = $data['rule']['actions'];
$useAutoGeneration = (int)!empty($data['use_auto_generation']);
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