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HTML Attributes

List of HTML attributes

// I might need this at some point (?)
const htmlAttributes = {
"abbr": "abbr",
"accept": "accept",
"acceptCharset": "accept-charset",
"accessKey": "accesskey",
"action": "action",
"allowFullScreen": "allowfullscreen",
"allowTransparency": "allowtransparency",
"alt": "alt",
"async": "async",
"autoComplete": "autocomplete",
"autoFocus": "autofocus",
"autoPlay": "autoplay",
"cellPadding": "cellpadding",
"cellSpacing": "cellspacing",
"challenge": "challenge",
"charset": "charset",
"checked": "checked",
"cite": "cite",
"class": "class",
"className": "class",
"cols": "cols",
"colSpan": "colspan",
"command": "command",
"content": "content",
"contentEditable": "contenteditable",
"contextMenu": "contextmenu",
"controls": "controls",
"coords": "coords",
"crossOrigin": "crossorigin",
"data": "data",
"dateTime": "datetime",
"default": "default",
"defer": "defer",
"dir": "dir",
"disabled": "disabled",
"download": "download",
"draggable": "draggable",
"dropzone": "dropzone",
"encType": "enctype",
"for": "for",
"form": "form",
"formAction": "formaction",
"formEncType": "formenctype",
"formMethod": "formmethod",
"formNoValidate": "formnovalidate",
"formTarget": "formtarget",
"frameBorder": "frameBorder",
"headers": "headers",
"height": "height",
"hidden": "hidden",
"high": "high",
"href": "href",
"hrefLang": "hreflang",
"htmlFor": "for",
"httpEquiv": "http-equiv",
"icon": "icon",
"id": "id",
"inputMode": "inputmode",
"isMap": "ismap",
"itemId": "itemid",
"itemProp": "itemprop",
"itemRef": "itemref",
"itemScope": "itemscope",
"itemType": "itemtype",
"kind": "kind",
"label": "label",
"lang": "lang",
"list": "list",
"loop": "loop",
"manifest": "manifest",
"max": "max",
"maxLength": "maxlength",
"media": "media",
"mediaGroup": "mediagroup",
"method": "method",
"min": "min",
"minLength": "minlength",
"multiple": "multiple",
"muted": "muted",
"name": "name",
"noValidate": "novalidate",
"open": "open",
"optimum": "optimum",
"pattern": "pattern",
"ping": "ping",
"placeholder": "placeholder",
"poster": "poster",
"preload": "preload",
"radioGroup": "radiogroup",
"readOnly": "readonly",
"rel": "rel",
"required": "required",
"role": "role",
"rows": "rows",
"rowSpan": "rowspan",
"sandbox": "sandbox",
"scope": "scope",
"scoped": "scoped",
"scrolling": "scrolling",
"seamless": "seamless",
"selected": "selected",
"shape": "shape",
"size": "size",
"sizes": "sizes",
"sortable": "sortable",
"span": "span",
"spellCheck": "spellcheck",
"src": "src",
"srcDoc": "srcdoc",
"srcSet": "srcset",
"start": "start",
"step": "step",
"style": "style",
"tabIndex": "tabindex",
"target": "target",
"title": "title",
"translate": "translate",
"type": "type",
"typeMustMatch": "typemustmatch",
"useMap": "usemap",
"value": "value",
"width": "width",
"wmode": "wmode",
"wrap": "wrap"
export default htmlAttributes
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