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Created March 17, 2017 16:41
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Script for signing GitHub powershell scripts with code signing certificate on Windows
#!/usr/bin/env python
# This script signs github for desktop powershell scripts.
# Powershell scripts are locked down here (via sysadmin decree), but the GitHub
# Desktop app uses powershell scripts when you right click > "Open in Git
# Shell". This is pretty much a requirement since the application can only
# handle fairly simple git operations.
# In order for these scripts to work they need to be signed. I don't remember
# the process for getting a code signing certificate but I think it's
# roughly:
# - run mmc.exe
# - Add the Certificate snap in
# - Right click Personal > All Tasks > Request New Certificate
# - Follow the wizard, creating a code signing certificate
# The last step is to sign the powershell scripts. This probably needs to be
# done every time GitHub Desktop updates, so I wrote this script to make it
# easy. Just run this and it'll print out a command for you to manually run in
# powershell.
import sys
import os
import ntpath
print '\nFinding path to github install folder...'
local_app_data = os.getenv('LOCALAPPDATA')
github_path = ntpath.join(local_app_data, 'GitHub')
if (not os.path.isdir(github_path)):
print 'unable to locate GitHub directory at {}'.format(github_path)
print 'you may need to modify this script :('
print ' {}'.format(github_path)
def find_all_powershell_scripts():
for root, directories, filenames in os.walk(github_path):
for filename in filenames:
fullpath = ntpath.join(root, filename).replace('/', '\\')
if fullpath.endswith('.ps1') or fullpath.endswith('.psm1'):
print ' {}'.format(fullpath)
yield fullpath
print '\nFinding paths to all powershell scripts...'
scripts = list(find_all_powershell_scripts())
print '\nCopy and paste the following command into powershell:\n'
# Powershell takes multiple string arguments as a list delimited by commas.
scripts_string = ','.join(scripts)
print ' '.join([
'$cert=(dir cert:currentuser\my\ -CodeSigningCert);',
'Set-AuthenticodeSignature {} $cert;'.format(scripts_string)
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