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Standard bash script format
function usage() {
if [ -n "$1" ]; then
echo -e "${RED}👉 $1${CLEAR}\n";
echo "Usage: $0 [-n number-of-people] [-s section-id] [-c cache-file]"
echo " -n, --number-of-people The number of people"
echo " -s, --section-id A sections unique id"
echo " -q, --quiet Only print result"
echo ""
echo "Example: $0 --number-of-people 2 --section-id 1 --cache-file last-known-date.txt"
exit 1
# parse params
while [[ "$#" > 0 ]]; do case $1 in
-n|--number-of-people) NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE="$2"; shift;shift;;
-s|--section-id) SECTION_ID="$2";shift;shift;;
-v|--verbose) VERBOSE=1;shift;;
*) usage "Unknown parameter passed: $1"; shift; shift;;
esac; done
# verify params
if [ -z "$NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE" ]; then usage "Number of people is not set"; fi;
if [ -z "$SECTION_ID" ]; then usage "Section id is not set."; fi;
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