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@hgezim hgezim/gist:4053581

Created Nov 11, 2012
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TeamDoListRouter = Backbone.Router.extend
initialize: (options) ->
# IMPORTANT: These get matched in the reverse order that they show up
@route(/\?*/, "home") #Match / followed by a question mark or 0 question marks
@route(/([a-z0-9]{8}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{4}-[a-z0-9]{12})/, "list") # Match a GUID
home: () ->
Session.set('page', 'home')
this.navigate ''
list: (list_id) ->
Session.set('page', 'list')
Session.set("list_id", list_id)
this.navigate list_id, true
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