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Created July 6, 2020 13:48
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A DTO example
final class CreatePostalCodeCommand
private string $postalCode;
private string $locality;
private float $latitude;
private float $longitude;
private string $administrativeArea;
public function __construct(
string $postalCode,
string $locality,
float $latitude,
float $longitude,
string $administrativeArea
) {
$this->postalCode = $postalCode;
$this->locality = $locality;
$this->latitude = $latitude;
$this->longitude = $longitude;
$this->administrativeArea = $administrativeArea;
public function getPostalCode(): string
return $this->postalCode;
public function getLocality(): string
return $this->locality;
public function getLatitude(): float
return $this->latitude;
public function getLongitude(): float
return $this->longitude;
public function getAdministrativeArea(): string
return $this->administrativeArea;
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