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Created October 14, 2013 09:43
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#include <stdio.h>
#include "GLK2GetError.h"
#include <GLKit/GLKit.h>
void _gl2CheckAndClearAllErrorsImpl(char *source_function, char *source_file, int source_line)
GLenum glErrorLast;
while( (glErrorLast = glGetError()) != GL_NO_ERROR ) // GL spec says you must do this in a WHILE loop
/** OpenGL spec defines only 6 legal errors, that HAVE to be re-used by all gl method calls. OH THE PAIN! */
NSLog(@"GL Error: %@ in %s @ %s:%d", [glErrorNames objectForKey:@(glErrorLast)], source_function, source_file, source_line );
NSCAssert( FALSE, @"OpenGL Error; you need to investigate this!" ); // can't use NSAssert, because we're inside a C function
#define gl2CheckAndClearAllErrors() _gl2CheckAndClearAllErrorsImpl(__PRETTY_FUNCTION__,__FILE__,__LINE__)
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The idea is that you use the macro gl2CheckAndClearAllErrors() rather than the direct method call.

Allows you to pass through the function, file and line from the call site.

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