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An improvement on the angular.module() API, making it easier to split up modules into multiple files without having to worry about only registering them once.
* Workaround to make defining and retrieving angular modules easier and more intuitive.
(function(angular) {
var origMethod = angular.module;
var alreadyRegistered = {};
* Register/fetch a module.
* @param name {string} module name.
* @param reqs {array} list of modules this module depends upon.
* @param configFn {function} config function to run when module loads (only applied for the first call to create this module).
* @returns {*} the created/existing module.
angular.module = function(name, reqs, configFn) {
reqs = reqs || [];
var module = null;
if (alreadyRegistered[name]) {
module = origMethod(name);
module.requires.push.apply(module.requires, reqs);
} else {
module = origMethod(name, reqs, configFn);
alreadyRegistered[name] = module;
return module;
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