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Last active Aug 18, 2019
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SQL injection in Redcap 8.11.5 to before 9.3.0 Standard

Description: REDCap 8.11.5 allows time-based SQL injection in the edit calendar event via the cal_id parameter, such as cal_id=55 and sleep(3)). The attacker can exploit and extract any data from redcap database

Vulnerability type: SQL Injection Vendor of Product: Redcap Affected Product Code Base: Redcap - 8.11.5 to before 9.3.0 Standard
Affected Component: Calendar function in project of redcap application Attack Type: Remote Impact Escalation of Privileges: true Attack Vectors: To exploit vulnerability, user must be logged in application, has access to specific project in redcap application Reference:


  1. Login to Redcap application, user have permission update event in calendar
  2. Perform edit notes, pass cal_id = id_number and sleep(5) to exploit time-based sqlinjection (URL /redcap_v9.2.3//Calendar/calendar_popup_ajax.php)

Release note redcap fix this vulnerability:


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