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Forked from mindplay-dk/yii-phar.php
Created July 20, 2013 13:35
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Place this script in the Yii framework folder (yii-x.y.z.rxxx/yii-phar.php) and run it
to package the framework into a single phar file.
In the "index.php" of your application, assuming you placed the packaged framework under
your application's "protected" folder, add the following line at the top:
new Phar(dirname(__FILE__).'/protected/yii-1.1.9.r3527.phar');
This makes the framework available via the phar:// stream-wrapper - when specifying the
path to the Yii framework, set it as "phar://yii".
As of Yii 1.1.9.r3527, CAssetManager does not support packaging the framework this way -
I submitted the following patch, which you will need to apply, or it will not work:
// Configuration:
$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
$path = $dir.'/framework';
$name = basename($dir).'.phar';
$mode = Phar::GZ;
// Error checks:
if (!class_exists('Phar')) {
die('*** Phar extension is not installed (or not enabled)');
if (!Phar::canCompress($mode)) {
die('*** Compression unsupported - please enable the zlib extension');
if (!is_dir($path)) {
die('*** Yii Framework not found: '.$path);
if (!Phar::canWrite()) {
die('*** Phar is in read-only mode (check phar.readonly in php.ini)');
// Iterator:
class FrameworkIterator implements Iterator, Countable {
private $index;
private $files;
private $baselen;
private $size;
private $mask;
private $dirs;
public function __construct($path, $mask = '*') {
$this->index = 0;
$this->files = array();
$this->baselen = strlen($path) + 1;
$this->size = 0;
$this->mask = $mask;
$this->dirs = array();
private function scan($path) {
global $phar, $baselen, $total;
foreach (glob($path.'/'.$this->mask) as $file) {
if (is_dir($file)) {
$this->dirs[ $this->getRelative($file) ] = $file;
} else {
$this->size += filesize($file);
$this->files[] = $file;
private function getRelative($path) {
return substr($path, $this->baselen);
public function rewind() {
$this->index = 0;
public function current() {
return $this->files[$this->index];
public function key() {
return $this->getRelative($this->files[$this->index]);
public function next() {
$this->index += 1;
public function valid() {
return isset($this->files[$this->index]);
public function count() {
return count($this->files);
public function getSize() {
return $this->size;
public function getDirs() {
return $this->dirs;
// Build and Compress:
echo "Creating archive: $name\n\n";
if (file_exists($name)) {
$phar = new Phar($name, 0, 'yii');
$iter = new FrameworkIterator($path);
echo "Building: ".number_format(count($iter)).' files in '.number_format(count($iter->getDirs())).' folders ('.number_format($iter->getSize())." bytes) ...\n\n";
echo "Compressing files ...\n\n";
$filesize = filesize($name);
echo "Output: ".number_format($filesize)." bytes (".sprintf('%0.2f', $filesize*100 / $iter->getSize())."%)\n\n";
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