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Pangea Poker Testing on CHIPS

!!!WARNING!!! The game, the all-in-one install script and this guide is under development and might change at any time. Don't use too much funds for testing. Don't use a system with critical data or service running.

This guide uses an all-in-one script to download the required binaries, CHIPS bootstrap and install required services. This is to make it easy for interested testers to test out the game. User need to install curl dependencies before running the commands. The requirements are set below for OS and Hardware.


  • Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10 or Debian 11 with 8GB RAM & 40 GB SSD
  • VPS or Dedicated Server with Static IP
  • Basic command line and server experience
  • CHIPS daemon with fully synced database
  • 1-5 CHIPS
  • Lightning Daemon
  • bet daemon

Step 1 - curl

Install curl using your terminal and don't close it as we need it in the next step too.

sudo apt install curl

Step 2 -

Use the following 1-line command to download all required binaries, create data dirs, download bootstrap and extract, create chips.conf, run chipsd as a system service.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

This command will do all the things mentioned above and will take some time based on your system specs and internet speed. Make a quick coffee while the script does it's job.

You will be presented with the following info once the script completes it's job. They are self explanatory.

At the moment this install script does not verify
if everything is installed correctly.
As it will evolve those checks will be included over time.
Few things to know:

	- The script has installed and started Chips as a systemd service
	  which you can control with the following commands:

	  sudo systemctl start/restart/stop/status chipsd.service

	- c-lightning is also installed as a systemd service,
	  but it's not started by default. It is recommended
	  you first let Chips blockchain fully sync with your system
	  and then start lightning systemd service with the following command:

	  sudo systemctl start/restart/stop/status lightning.service

	  Once it's started, check with the following
	  command if it's reflecting JSON output

	  lightning-cli getinfo

	- bet is installed in home directory at following location:


	  To start bet as a player node you will need to change
	  directory to /privatebet/ and then give command as following:

	  ./bet player

	- Pangea-Poker Web UI is accessible at all local and public IPs:


Check the CHIPS block height by issuing chips-cli getinfo. You can also check the sync status for remaining blocks with tail -f ~/.chips/debug.log.

Generate a new address using chips-cli getnewaddress and send a small amount of CHIPS in that address.

Once you are 100% synced and funded, start the lightning.service in the next step.

Step 3 - run lightningd

Start the lightning daemon as a service with the following command.

sudo systemctl start lightning.service

Check if lightning daemon is running by issuing lightning-cli getinfo.

Step 4 - Start Player Node

It is better to run this command in a screen session or tmux. In case your SSH connection is broken with server, you can always pickup where you left it by resuming the screen or tmux session.

cd ~/privatebet
./bet player

Step 5 - Play

Once your player node is running. You can join a game with dealer node. You need to have the link address of dealer node. For test sessions it will be provided from CHIPS discord. i.e: (

  • Open the URL or IP of dealer node in a Chrome Browser and Click on Private Table tab
  • Click Player
  • Enter your player node IP address in the text box and click Set Nodes
  • You will be presented with a table where you can sit in a chair to play

Get your Poker Face on and enjoy!

If you face any issues or needs help with troubleshooting, post in #development-chat channel in CHIPS discord.

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