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Add ReplayGain information to id3 tags of mp3 files
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Which;
use Getopt::Long qw(:config auto_help);
use Pod::Usage;
use String::ShellQuote;
my $VERSION = '0.01';
'a|album' => \my $album_mode,
'v|version' => sub { print "replaygain-id3 $VERSION\n"; exit },
) or pod2usage();
die "mp3gain not installed\n" if !defined which('mp3gain');
die "eyeD3 not installed\n" if !defined which('eyeD3');
@ARGV = grep { /\.mp3$/i } @ARGV;
die "No mp3 files specified\n" if !@ARGV;
my $files = shell_quote(@ARGV);
# calculate ReplayGain data with mp3gain(1)
my @tracks_raw = split /\n\n/, qx{mp3gain -s s $files};
my $album_raw = splice @tracks_raw, -1;
my %album;
$album{gain} = sprintf('%.2f dB', $album_raw =~ /^Recommended "Album" dB change for all files: (.+)$/m);
for my $track_raw (@tracks_raw) {
my %track;
my ($file) = $track_raw =~ /\A(.+)\n/m;
next if $file !~ /\.mp3$/i;
($track{gain}) = $track_raw =~ /^Recommended "Track" dB change: (.+)$/m;
$track{gain} = sprintf('%.2f dB', $track{gain});
($track{peak}) = $track_raw =~ /^Max PCM sample at current gain: (.+)$/m;
$album{peak} = $track{peak} if !defined $album{peak} || $track{peak} > $album{peak};
$track{peak} = sprintf('%.6f', $track{peak} / 32768);
$album{tracks}{$file} = \%track;
$album{peak} = sprintf('%.6f', $album{peak} / 32768);
# tag the files with eyeD3(1)
while (my ($file, $track) = each %{ $album{tracks} }) {
my @frames = (
? ("replaygain_album_gain:$album{gain}",
: ()
system "eyeD3 ".join(' ', map({ "--set-user-text-frame='$_'" } @frames)).' '.shell_quote($file)." >/dev/null 2>&1";
=head1 NAME
replaygain-id3 - Add ReplayGain information to id3 tags of mp3 files
B<replaygain-id3> [options] <files>
-a, --album Enable album mode (see below)
-h, --help Print this help message
-v, --version Print version
If you enable album mode, the affected files will be considered to be part
of the same album, and the corresponding album-global ReplayGain info will
be added.
# an album
replaygain-id3 -a My_artist-My_album/*
# unsorted mp3 files
replaygain-id3 misc_mp3/*
This little script uses C<mp3gain> to calculate ReplayGain information for
mp3 files specified on the command line. It will then add that information
to id3 v2 tags in the files using the C<eyeD3> program.
=head1 AUTHOR
Hinrik E<Ouml>rn SigurE<eth>sson,
Copyright 2009 Hinrik E<Ouml>rn SigurE<eth>sson
This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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