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clojurescript drag and drop
(defn handle-file-select [evt]
(.stopPropagation evt)
(.preventDefault evt)
(let [files (.-files (.-dataTransfer evt))]
(dotimes [i (.-length files)]
(let [rdr (js/FileReader.)
the-file (aget files i)]
(set! (.-onload rdr)
(fn [e]
(let [file-content (.-result (.-target e))
file-name (if (= ";;; " (.substr file-content 0 4))
(let [idx (.indexOf file-content "\n\n")]
(.log js/console idx)
(.slice file-content 4 idx))
(.-name the-file))]
(.log js/console (str "file-name " file-name))
(.set storage file-name file-content)
(swap! list-of-code conj file-name))))
(.readAsText rdr the-file)))))
(defn handle-drag-over [evt]
(.stopPropagation evt)
(.preventDefault evt)
(set! (.-dropEffect (.-dataTransfer evt)) "copy"))
(defn set-up-drop-zone [id]
(let [body (aget (.getElementsByTagName js/document "body") 0)
zone (.createElement js/document "div")]
(when-let [x (.getElementById js/document id)]
(.removeChild body x))
(set! (.-innerHTML zone) "Drop Here")
(.setAttribute zone "id" id)
(set! (.-position (.-style zone)) "absolute")
(set! (.-top (.-style zone)) "0px")
(set! (.-right (.-style zone)) "0px")
(.appendChild body zone)
(.addEventListener zone "dragover" handle-drag-over false)
(.addEventListener zone "drop" handle-file-select false)))
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