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Created November 1, 2017 16:09
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(require '[clojure.set :as set])
(def info
[{:year 2017
:month 4
:data "x"}
{:year 2017
:month 4
:data "y"}
{:year 2017
:month 7
:data "z"}])
(def db (reduce
(fn [db fact]
(merge-with into db
(set/index [fact] [:entity])
(set/index [fact] [:entity :attribute])
(set/index [fact] [:entity :attribute :value])
(set/index [fact] [:attribute])
(set/index [fact] [:attribute :value])
(set/index [fact] [:value])))
(for [m info
:let [id (java.util.UUID/randomUUID)]
[k v] m]
{:entity id
:attribute k
:value v})))
(for [{:keys [entity attribute value]} (get db {:attribute :month :value 4})
{data :value} (get db {:entity entity :attribute :data})]
[entity data])
;;=> ([#uuid "8ce5aaea-e633-4972-b8ef-3202680b2f6f" "y"] [#uuid "08d3e0ec-c08b-492e-b638-86fb2e932a93" "x"])
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