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response-content-disposition and cloudfront
1) Log in to aws console.
2) Click cloudfront
3) Click behaviors
4) Select pattern and edit
5) Set Forward Query Strings - Yes
6) click "Yes, edit" to save your edits
7) It may take some time for cloudfront cache to expire, so that these changes take effect
8) Your code should do something like below.
Add the escaped string as a query string to the url before signing it.
from boto.cloudfront.distribution import Distribution
d = Distribution()
encoded_headers = 'response-content-disposition=attachment%3B%20filename%3Dname_of_file_here.txt'
url = d.create_signed_url('%s%s?%s' % (hostname, filepath, encoded_headers),

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@samuel-cloete samuel-cloete commented Nov 29, 2017

This was helpful, thanks!

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