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class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
# FORCE to implement content_for in controller
def view_context
super.tap do |view|
(@_content_for || {}).each do |name,content|
view.content_for name, content
def content_for(name, content) # no blocks allowed yet
@_content_for ||= {}
if @_content_for[name].respond_to?(:<<)
@_content_for[name] << content
@_content_for[name] = content
def content_for?(name)
class PostsController < ApplicationController
def index
content_for :title, "List of posts"

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Working for me in Rails 3.0.9.

My only suggestion would be to move it to a module ContentForInController so you don't clutter up your ApplicationController (I put mine in lib/content_for_in_controller.rb) and release it as a gem for easy reusability.


hiroshi commented Aug 2, 2011

TylerRick, thanks for your comment. I have thought that if someone is interested in it, it can be worth releasing as a gem. It seems to be the time :)

Awesome work hiroshi. Kudos! I suggest you release it as a gem! it's the best time to do it!


hiroshi commented Dec 6, 2011

For now, I'v not used rails for my projects. @kuroir, It's OK to release as a gem by you, if you wish. I'll appreciate to have my name or url for this gist on README :-)

clm-a commented Jan 13, 2012

I made a over basic gem to embed your code with style :)

I would love any feedback on how to inject the module a bit cleaner than calling send :include on ActionController::Base...

Thanks !


hiroshi commented Jan 14, 2012

Thanks. I just glad to see that my idea is usable for someone other than me :-)
As for the way to inject the module, I don't have any idea of better way for now.

Awesome gist!

Is there a way to prevent HTML to be escaped when appending the content? I am trying to do something like

  content_for(:head, render_to_string(:partial => "layouts/my_partial" ))

Sorry, just remembered about .html_safe...

I ended up changing the gist a bit to call html_safe before adding it to the content

Thank you so much for posting this! I was able to use this solution to override my page titles. Cheers.

mahemoff commented Jan 5, 2015

Simple hack to make it work with a block - just do @_content_for||=yield

I cut-pasted this to make provide for controllers -

MaG21 commented Apr 24, 2015

While this gist comes handy, it's too much just to use it to change the page titles. If someone wants to use this gist just to change the title of the pages dynamically it would be better just to put the following in the layout:

<title><%= @title || "default title" %></title>

With that approach one will just have to set the @title instance variable in the controller, like this:

@title = 'My title'

Sorry to stir up an old topic, but what about memoizing the view_context? Will that cause other issues? Seems to work for me in rails 4.

  def view_context
    @view_context ||= super
  delegate :content_for, to: :view_context

Found out real quick: Don't do this, it breaks instance variable assignment...

itkin commented Feb 14, 2017

seems broken on rails 4

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