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// Hitendra Solanki
// Semi-singleton design pattern Playground example
//In semi-singleton design pattern, marking the class as final is optional
final class LogManager {
//shared object
static let logger: LogManager = LogManager(databaseURLEndpoint: "")
private var databaseURLEndpoint: String
//not marked as private, anyone is allowed to access this initialiser outside of the class
init(databaseURLEndpoint: String) {
self.databaseURLEndpoint = databaseURLEndpoint
func log(_ value: String...){
//complex code to connect to the databaseURLEndpoint and send the value to server directly
//This is function executes our main code
func main(){
LogManager.logger.log("main log from medium blog on live server endpoint") //this will log on "/live" endpoint
// This is function executes our TEST MODE code
// Here in playground, Hitendra Solanki created this method for the demostratino purpose only
// Usually we write this kind of test codes, inside the test targe of the XCode-project
func testThatLogManger(){
//we are allowed to create an instace of class LogManager,
//because it follows the Semi-Singleton design patterns
let logManagerTestObject = LogManager(databaseURLEndpoint: "")
logManagerTestObject.log("test log from medium blog on test server endpoint") //this will log on "/test" endpoint
main() //call main
testThatLogManger() //call test execution
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