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Google Summer of Code 2017: Final Report

Hello, everyone!

I'm Hitesh Garg, a Google Summer of Code 2017 Student Developer. This summer, I worked with Open States This is a summary report on what I managed to do in the past three months.

My Deliveries were:

  • Task 1: Help Organization in Pupa-ization of Existing Scrapers and Fixing Bugs & Updating Scrapers For Different States
  • Task 2: Build New Open Civic Data Admin Tools
    • User Feedback Tool
    • Merge Tool
    • Name Resolution Tool
    • Retirement Tool
    • Data Quality Issues & Exceptions Tool
    • Common Status Page for all states containing current status of different parameters
    • Sub pages for the status of specific sessions/states etc.
    • Advanced filters to sort data accordingly
    • Fast search queries using Django-ORM

I have met all the goals which were originally outlined in the project plan.

List of PR's

Here are links to my PR's which got merged during the coding period.

Blog Posts

  1. Google Summer of Code - Improved Data Tools
  2. Progress on the OCD Data Quality Tools
  3. Google Summer of Code - Data Quality Tools Update
  4. Google Summer of Code 2017 Final Update

While I was working on my project I learned a lot of things like —  writing quality code and effectively testing the code. More importantly, I learned the importance of Continuous Integration and Unit Testing. So, GSoC really helped me in growing myself on my road to becoming a super cool programmer.

I’m extremely happy that I selected the Open States as my GSoC organization. I would like to thank my mentors Miles sir and James sir for providing me the guidance in successfully completing the GSoC project.

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