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Last active Aug 7, 2020
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#lang racket
(require games/cards racket/gui racket/class racket/unit)
;; Layout width and height:
(define WIDTH 5)
(define HEIGHT 4)
(define MAX-MATCHES (/ (* WIDTH HEIGHT) 2))
;; Randomize
(random-seed (modulo (current-milliseconds) 10000))
;; Set up the table
(define t (make-table "Memory" (+ 2 WIDTH) (+ 1 HEIGHT)))
(send t show #t)
(send t set-double-click-action #f)
;; Get table width & height
(define w (send t table-width))
(define h (send t table-height))
;; Set up the cards
(define deck
(let ([cards (map (lambda (name value)
(let ([bm (make-object
(collection-path "games" "memory" "images")
(format "~a.png" name)))])
(make-card bm #f 0 value)))
'("club" "heart" "spade" "diamond"
"happy" "unhappy" "fish" "two-fish" "jack" "star")
'(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10))])
(append cards (map (lambda (c) (send c copy)) cards))))
(for-each (lambda (card)
(send card user-can-move #f)
(send card user-can-flip #t))
;; Card width & height
(define cw (send (car deck) card-width))
(define ch (send (car deck) card-height))
(define dx (/ cw (+ 2 WIDTH)))
(define dy (/ ch (+ 1 HEIGHT)))
(define match-x (- w cw dx))
(define match-y dy)
;; Put the cards on the table
(send t add-cards deck match-x match-y)
;; Setup
(define (setup)
(set! deck (shuffle-list deck 7))
(send t stack-cards deck)
(send t move-cards deck 0 0
(lambda (pos)
(let ([i (modulo pos WIDTH)]
[j (quotient pos WIDTH)])
(values (+ dx (* i (+ cw dx)))
(+ dy (* j (+ ch dy))))))))
;; Number of matches found so far:
(define matches 0)
;; First card flipped, or #f if non flipped, yet
(define card-1 #f)
(define (flip-and-match c)
(cond [(eq? c card-1)
;; Cancel first card
(send t flip-card c)
(set! card-1 #f)]
[(not (send c face-down?))
;; Can't click a matched card, unless the game is over,
;; in which case we reset the game
(when (= matches MAX-MATCHES)
(send t flip-cards deck)
(set! matches 0)
;; Flip over a card...
(send t flip-card c)
(send t card-to-front c)
(cond [(not card-1)
;; That was the first card
(set! card-1 c)]
[(and (equal? (send card-1 get-value) (send c get-value))
(equal? (send card-1 get-suit) (send c get-suit)))
;; Match
(send t move-cards (list card-1 c) match-x match-y)
(set! card-1 #f)
(set! matches (add1 matches))]
;; Not a match
(send t pause 0.5)
(send t flip-cards (list card-1 c))
(set! card-1 #f)])]))
(send t set-single-click-action flip-and-match)
;; Start the game:
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