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Celery tmux session
tmux has-session -t $SESSIONNAME &> /dev/null
if [ $? != 0 ]
tmux new-session -s $SESSIONNAME -n dashboard -d sudo watch -n 5 podman ps -a
tmux split-window -v -l 70% top
tmux new-window -n flood-logs journalctl -u flood.service -f
tmux new-window -n clue-logs journalctl -u clue-api.service -f
tmux new-window -n znc-logs journalctl -u znc.service -f
tmux new-window -n podman-logs journalctl -u podman-auto-update.service -f
tmux new-window -n puzzle-logs journalctl --unit puzzle-fetcher.service --unit puzzle-server.service -f
tmux select-window -t ctl:dashboard
tmux select-pane -t # focus the sudo command so I can type my password
tmux attach -t $SESSIONNAME
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