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tksqlite patch: to show results from sql query starting "with" - a.k.a. "CTE, common table expression". See
--- a/tksqlite.tcl
+++ b/tksqlite.tcl
@@ -8703,7 +8703,8 @@ proc Sqlite::publish {query tableName rawdataName} {
set _temp [string map {, { } \" {}} $query]
set _temp [SQLParser::removeComment $_temp]
set sqlcmd [string tolower [lindex $_temp 0]]
- if {$sqlcmd ne "select" &&
+ if {$sqlcmd ne "select" &&
+ $sqlcmd ne "with" &&
$sqlcmd ne "pragma" &&
$sqlcmd ne "explain"} {
.table.f.table configure -rows 1 -cols 1
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