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WordPress: Check if user role exists
function role_exists( $role ) {
if( ! empty( $role ) ) {
return $GLOBALS['wp_roles']->is_role( $role );
return false;
if( role_exists( 'editor' ) ) {
// The 'editor' role exists!
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widoz commented May 21, 2015

Why do not use the simple built in wp function get_role that returns a WP_Role object on success, null on failure ?

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namenyi commented Jul 3, 2015

@widoz +1

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TomAuger commented Jan 10, 2017

Rather than get_role(), which returns the WP_Role object, if you're really only interested in knowing whether a role exists (for example, if you want to determine whether to remove_role() or something), how about wp_roles()->is_role( 'role-name' ); ? Maybe a tiny bit more efficient than get_role() and a bit more future-proof than digging directly into the global $wp_roles.

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0xcrypto commented Aug 12, 2017

+1 to @TomAuger

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