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@hlegius hlegius/Dockerfile
Last active Aug 1, 2019

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Docker base configuration for Scala projects with Docker (tested against Docker Beta for OS X)

How to run

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose run scala sbt compile
$ docker-compose run scala sbt run
$ docker-compose run scala sbt test
$ docker-compose run scala sbt "~ test" # to run continuously
$ docker-compose run scala # to access Docker's Machine
$ docker-compose run scala sbt ~compile # similar to test above. Works with and without quotes

First run information

It may take a while to fetch all dependencies (libs) based on what's inside your|project build.sbt project file. This configuration shares a local .sbt and .ivy2 directories with Docker's Container /root/.sbt and /root/.ivy2 directories. With sharing, sbt will find your dependencies' cache and will not re-download everything again.

This Dockerfile is based on Scala-sbt Dockerfile from Docker Hub

Tips & Tricks

Put both .sbt and .ivy2 directories under your .gitignore file.

To update Scala/SBT to latest version, remember to remove the old image. You can find it $ docker images and remove the base image named hseeberger/scala-sbt using command $ docker rmi <image-hash-id>, then, build again. You can check which is the latest version here Scala-sbt Dockerfile from Docker Hub

version: '2'
build: .
- .:/exampleapp
- ./.ivy2:/root/.ivy2
- ./.sbt:/root/.sbt
FROM hseeberger/scala-sbt
# For a Alpine Linux version, comment above and uncomment below:
# FROM 1science/sbt
RUN mkdir -p /exampleapp
RUN mkdir -p /exampleapp/out
WORKDIR /exampleapp
COPY . /exampleapp

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viniciusd commented Feb 3, 2019

Shouldn't the WORKDIR instruction be after the COPY in the Dockerfile?

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