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A fun example using Deferred to write puppet code in a functional style
# Resolves a given value - if given a Deferred it will be called and all other values are returned as is.
function resolve(Any $x) {
if $x =~ Deferred { $ } else { $x }
# Resolves and evaluates a condition and either resolves and evaluates the given when_true,
# or the given when_false depending on the outcome of the evaluation of the condition.
# The result is undef if the selected when_true/when_false is undefined.
function if_true(
Any $test,
Optional[Any] $when_true = undef,
Optional[Any] $when_false = undef
) {
if resolve($test) { resolve($when_true) }
else { resolve($when_false) }
# Example function
function do_this() {
notice "Doing this"
# Example function
function do_that() {
notice "Doing that"
# Example - using the if_true() function (notices "Doing that")
false.if_true(Deferred('do_this'), Deferred('do_that'))
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