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Started phase 0, duration: 1s @ 19:26:08(-0700) 2019-04-11
Report @ 19:26:12(-0700) 2019-04-11
Elapsed time: 4 seconds
Scenarios launched: 1000
Scenarios completed: 1000
Requests completed: 2000
RPS sent: 439.56
Request latency:
min: 1.8
max: 41.6
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target: "http://localhost:3001"
- duration: 1
arrivalRate: 1000
- name: "Test houses and prices api"
# - post:
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//Specification: Input: 2 strings
//Output: boolean, if they are anagram of each other;
//Constraints: ignore capitalization;
//edge case: return false;
//Justification: check if one of the strings is a rearragement of characters the other;
//Explanation: two strings that have characters, it can be or can not be a rearrangment of characters of the other;
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