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Forked from favila/keys_plus.cljc
Created October 22, 2018 23:55
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s/keys+, an s/keys variant that allows inline respec-ing of a key to narrow the range of its type
(ns com.breezeehr.specs.keys-plus
"Variants of clojure.spec/keys and keys* that allow additional inline spec-ing."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [keys])
(:require [clojure.core :as c]
[clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.spec.gen.alpha :as gen]
[clojure.walk :as walk])
#?(:cljs (:require-macros [com.breezeehr.specs.keys-plus]))
#?(:clj (:import (java.util UUID))))
;; Get around private-fn restrictions
(do (defn s-specize [s] (s/specize s))
(defn s-pvalid?
([pred x] (s/pvalid? pred x))
([pred x form] (s/pvalid? pred x form)))
(defn s-explain-1 [form pred path via in v]
(s/explain-1 form pred path via in v))
(defn s-inck [m k] (s/inck m k))
(defn s-gensub [spec overrides path rmap form]
(s/gensub spec overrides path rmap form))
(defn s-recur-limit? [rmap id path k]
(s/recur-limit? rmap id path k)))
(do (def s-specize #'s/specize)
(def s-pvalid? #'s/pvalid?)
(def s-explain-1 #'s/explain-1)
(def s-inck #'s/inck)
(def s-gensub #'s/gensub)
(def s-recur-limit? #'s/recur-limit?)))
(deftype Reform [spec form gfn ___meta]
[IMeta (-meta [_] ___meta)
IWithMeta (-with-meta [_ meta] (Reform. spec form gfn meta))]
[clojure.lang.IMeta (meta [_] ___meta)
clojure.lang.IObj (withMeta [_ meta] (Reform. spec form gfn meta))])
(specize* [self] self)
(specize* [self _] self)
(conform* [_ x] (s/conform* spec x))
(unform* [_ x] (s/unform* spec x))
(explain* [_ path via in x] (s/explain* spec path via in x))
(gen* [_ a b c] (if gfn (gfn) (s/gen* spec a b c)))
(with-gen* [_ gfn] (Reform. spec form gfn ___meta))
(describe* [_] form))
(defmacro with-describe
"Return a spec like `s` except its s/describe is `form`."
[s form]
`(let [s# (s-specize ~s)]
(->Reform s#
#?(;; self-hosted cljs
:cljs '~(s/res &env form)
:clj '~(#'s/res form))
nil (meta s#))))
(defmacro together
"Evaluates expressions one at a time, left to right. Returns true if all forms
are falsey, or the last truthy value if all forms are truthy. Short-circuits
and returns something falsey if the expressions are a mix of truthy and falsey.
(together) returns true."
([] true)
([x] x)
([x y] `(if ~x ~y (not ~y)))
([x y & rest]
`(if ~x
(and ~y ~@rest)
(not (or ~y ~@rest)))))
(defn map+-spec-impl
[{:keys [req-un opt-un keys-pred pred-exprs opt-keys req-specs req req-keys
opt-specs pred-forms conform-override conform-override-form opt gfn]
:as argm}]
(let [conform-override (or conform-override {})
conform-override-form (or conform-override-form {})
k->s (zipmap (concat req-keys opt-keys) (concat req-specs opt-specs))
keys->specnames #(or (k->s %) %)
id #?(:clj (UUID/randomUUID)
:cljs (random-uuid))]
(specize* [s] s)
(specize* [s _] s)
(conform* [_ m]
(if (keys-pred m)
(let [reg (s/registry)]
(loop [ret m, [[k v] & ks :as keys] m]
(if keys
(let [sname (keys->specnames k)
cspec (conform-override sname)
s (get reg sname)]
(if (or (not s) (s/valid? s v))
(let [cv (s/conform cspec v)]
(if (s/invalid? cv)
(recur (if (identical? cv v) ret (assoc ret k cv))
(let [cv (s/conform s v)]
(if (s/invalid? cv)
(recur (if (identical? cv v) ret (assoc ret k cv))
(recur ret ks)))
(unform* [_ m]
(let [reg (s/registry)]
(loop [ret m, [k & ks :as keys] (c/keys m)]
(if keys
(let [sname (keys->specnames k)]
(if (contains? reg sname)
(let [cv (get m k)
v (s/unform (or (conform-override sname) sname) cv)]
(recur (if (identical? cv v) ret (assoc ret k v))
(recur ret ks)))
(explain* [_ path via in x]
(if-not (map? x)
[{:path path :pred 'map? :val x :via via :in in}]
(let [reg (s/registry)]
(apply concat
(when-let [probs (->> (map (fn [pred form] (when-not (pred x) form))
pred-exprs pred-forms)
(keep identity)
#(do {:path path :pred % :val x :via via :in in})
(fn [[k v]]
(let [sname (keys->specnames k)]
(if-not (or (not (contains? reg sname))
(s-pvalid? sname v k))
(s-explain-1 sname sname (conj path k) via (conj in k) v)
(if-not (or (not (contains? conform-override sname))
(s-pvalid? (conform-override sname) v (conform-override-form sname)))
(s-explain-1 (conform-override-form sname) (conform-override sname) (conj path k) via (conj in k) v)))))
(seq x))))))
(gen* [_ overrides path rmap]
(if gfn
(let [rmap (s-inck rmap id)
gen (fn [k s]
(s-gensub (or (conform-override k) s) overrides
(conj path k) rmap (or (conform-override-form k) k)))
ogen (fn [k s]
(when-not (s-recur-limit? rmap id path k)
[k (gen/delay (gen k s))]))
req-gens (map gen req-keys req-specs)
opt-gens (remove nil? (map ogen opt-keys opt-specs))]
(when (every? identity (concat req-gens opt-gens))
(let [reqs (zipmap req-keys req-gens)
opts (into {} opt-gens)]
(gen/bind (gen/choose 0 (count opts))
#(let [args (concat (seq reqs) (when (seq opts) (shuffle (seq opts))))]
(->> args
(take (+ % (count reqs)))
(apply concat)
(apply gen/hash-map)))))))))
(with-gen* [_ gfn] (map+-spec-impl (assoc argm :gfn gfn)))
(describe* [_] (cons `keys
(cond-> []
req (conj :req req)
opt (conj :opt opt)
req-un (conj :req-un req-un)
opt-un (conj :opt-un opt-un)
conform-override-form (conj :reconform conform-override-form)))))))
(defmacro keys+
"Like s/keys, but accepts an additional :conf map from spec keywords to a
predicate, conformer, spec, etc. :conf will override the key's spec for
conforming, but the key's spec will still be checked for validity."
[& {:keys [req req-un opt opt-un gen conf]}]
(let [unk #(-> % name keyword)
req-keys (filterv keyword? (flatten req))
req-un-specs (filterv keyword? (flatten req-un))
_ (assert (every? #(and (keyword? %) (namespace %)) (concat req-keys req-un-specs opt opt-un))
"all keys must be namespace-qualified keywords")
req-specs (into req-keys req-un-specs)
req-keys (into req-keys (map unk req-un-specs))
opt-keys (into (vec opt) (map unk opt-un))
_ (assert (every? (into (set req-keys) opt-keys) (c/keys conf))
"Every key in conf must be metioned by :req, :req-un, :opt, or :opt-un")
opt-specs (into (vec opt) opt-un)
gx (gensym)
parse-req (fn [rk f]
(map (fn [x]
(if (keyword? x)
`(contains? ~gx ~(f x))
(fn [y] (if (keyword? y) `(contains? ~gx ~(f y)) y))
pred-exprs [`(map? ~gx)]
pred-exprs (into pred-exprs (parse-req req identity))
pred-exprs (into pred-exprs (parse-req req-un unk))
keys-pred `(fn* [~gx] (and ~@pred-exprs))
pred-exprs (mapv (fn [e] `(fn* [~gx] ~e)) pred-exprs)
pred-forms (walk/postwalk
#?(;; self-hosted cljs
:cljs #(s/res &env %)
;; clj targeting cljs or clj
:clj #(#'s/res %))
`(map+-spec-impl {:req '~req :opt '~opt
:req-un '~req-un :opt-un '~opt-un
:req-keys '~req-keys :req-specs '~req-specs
:opt-keys '~opt-keys :opt-specs '~opt-specs
:pred-forms '~pred-forms
:pred-exprs ~pred-exprs
:keys-pred ~keys-pred
:conform-override ~conf
:conform-override-form '~conf
:gfn ~gen})))
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hmaurer commented Oct 22, 2018

(s/spec (s/merge :either/either (keys+ :req-un [:either/left :either/right] :conf {:either/left number? :either/right string?}))

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