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Hoang Minh Chung hmchung

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hmchung / Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia+CUDA on Optimus [Ubuntu 18.04 with Nvidia+CUDA on Optimus Laptop] Setting up Ubuntu 18.04 with nvidia drivers and CUDA for data science on Dell 7559 Optimus laptop #Ubuntu #Nvidia #CUDA #setup
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Kernel settings for installation

Use a live usb to try Ubuntu before installing. Boot from the live usb. On the GRUB screen highlight the "Try Ubuntu ...." option and press e. Update kernel parameters by adding options before quiet splash such that the line should read as below

nogpumanager nomodeset i915.modeset=1 quiet splash

Note: On HighDPI screen machines there is a known issue whereby Ubiquity (ubuntu installer) craashes at the copying files step i.e. immediatly after the user setup screen. The cause and workaround are discussed in other gist post

Persist GRUB configuration

Post installation, to avoid updating the above mentioned kernel options each time the system is booted, edit GRUB configuration file sudo vi /etc/default/grub and make th

import cv2
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn.neighbors import NearestNeighbors
#from scipy.optimize import leastsq
from scipy.optimize import fmin_bfgs
from scipy.optimize import minimize
from scipy.optimize import approx_fprime
def res(p,src,dst):