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hmemcpy / testcontainer.scala
Created Jul 8, 2020
ZIO layer for Postgres test container
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import com.dimafeng.testcontainers.PostgreSQLContainer
import zio.blocking.{effectBlocking, Blocking}
import zio.{Has, ZLayer, ZManaged}
object TestContainer {
type Postgres = Has[PostgreSQLContainer]
def postgres(version: Option[String] = None): ZLayer[Blocking, Throwable, Postgres] =
ZManaged.make {
effectBlocking {
title date tags
2020-01-23 04:51:52 -0800

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{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }: with pkgs;
pygments24 = pythonPackages.pygments.overrideAttrs(old: rec {
version = "2.4.2";
src = pythonPackages.fetchPypi {
inherit version;
inherit (old) pname;
sha256 = "15v2sqm5g12bqa0c7wikfh9ck2nl97ayizy1hpqhmws5gqalq748";
hmemcpy / introduction6.groovy
Created Oct 3, 2018 — forked from peysal/introduction6.groovy
introduction to groovy 1) empty map 2) adding things to map 3) concat map to map 4) iterating
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def emptyMap = [:]
assert emptyMap.size() == 0
def notEmptyMap = ["person1":"john", "person2":"mus"]
assert notEmptyMap.size() == 2
notEmptyMap.put "person3","test" //adding to existing one
assert notEmptyMap.size() == 3
notEmptyMap["person4"] = "beth"
assert notEmptyMap.size() == 4
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\setmonofont[BoldFont={Inconsolata LGC Bold}]{Inconsolata LGC}
# Shrinks the PDF by compressing images to JPEG using highest quality
# Original code from
# Modified with command taken from
shrink ()
echo "Converting $IFILE > $OFILE"
hmemcpy /
Last active Oct 7, 2018
RAMDisk benchmarks
hmemcpy / .gitignore
Created Feb 12, 2016
VS default .gitignore
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## Ignore Visual Studio temporary files, build results, and
## files generated by popular Visual Studio add-ons.
# User-specific files
# User-specific files (MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio)
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let unionCases<'a> =
|> (fun x -> FSharpValue.MakeUnion(x, [||]) :?> 'a)
|> Array.toList
let deck : Deck =
(unionCases<Suit>, unionCases<Rank>) ||> cartesianProduct
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