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@hnakamur hnakamur/build.log
Created Aug 29, 2012

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lev build fails with the Makefile build system
mkdir -p build
-Ideps/http-parser -Ideps/uv/include -Ideps/luajit/src -Ideps/yajl/src/api \
-Ideps/yajl/src -Ideps/zlib -Ideps/luacrypto/src \
-DHTTP_VERSION=\"v1.0-79-g8bec3ea\" \
-DUV_VERSION=\"17\" \
-DYAJL_VERSIONISH=\"2.0.4-1-g8b48967\" \
src/luv_buffer.c:52:17: error: static declaration of '__builtin_bswap32' follows
non-static declaration
static uint32_t __builtin_bswap32(uint32_t x)
/usr/include/libkern/i386/_OSByteOrder.h:60:12: note: previous implicit
declaration is here
return __builtin_bswap32(_data);
src/luv_buffer.c:52:17: error: definition of builtin function
static uint32_t __builtin_bswap32(uint32_t x)
2 errors generated.
make: *** [build/luv_buffer.o] Error 1

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hnakamur commented Aug 29, 2012

To avoid this error, please run:

CC=gcc make
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