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echo "============================="
echo "Downloading and extracting..."
echo "============================="
cd ~/Downloads && wget -c "${RUBY19_URL}/${RUBY19_VERS}.tar.gz"
tar xvzf ~/Downloads/${RUBY19_VERS}.tar.gz -C ~/src/static
echo "============================="
echo "Configuring and compiling..."
echo "============================="
cd ~/src/static/${RUBY19_VERS}
# Don't trust MacPorts version of autoconf because it somehow nuked
# --with-readline-dir
/usr/bin/autoconf# Make sure to compile with GNU Readline support if you to be able
# to cut and paste Japanese into the irb console.
./configure --with-readline-dir=/opt/local --enable-shared --program-suffix=19 --enable-p
echo "============================="
echo "Installing by typing..."
echo "cd ~/src/static/${RUBY19_VERS}"
echo "sudo make install"
echo "============================="
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