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liblinear fsharp usage more info in original java port
// Learn more about F# at
// See the 'F# Tutorial' project for more help.
open de.bwaldvogel.liblinear
open System
let main argv =
let problem = new Problem()
problem.l <- 2 // number of training examples
problem.n <- 2 // number of features
problem.x <- [|
[|new FeatureNode(1,0.); new FeatureNode(2,1.)|]
[|new FeatureNode(1,2.); new FeatureNode(2,0.)|]
|]// feature nodes
problem.y <- [|1.;2.|] // target values
let solver = SolverType.MCSVM_CS; // -s 0
let C = 1.0 // cost of constraints violation
let eps = 0.01 // stopping criteria
let parameter = new Parameter(solver, C, eps)
let model = Linear.train(problem, parameter)
let modelFile = new File("model");
// load model or use it directly
let model = Model.load(modelFile)
let instance:Feature []= [| new FeatureNode(1, 0.); new FeatureNode(2, 1.) |]
let prediction = Linear.predict(model, instance)
printfn "%A" prediction
Console.ReadKey() |> ignore
0 // return an integer exit code
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