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My simply Git Cheatsheet

Using Git

Global Settings

Related Setup:

Related Pro Tips:

Interactive Beginners Tutorial:


Press minus + shift + s and return to chop/fold long lines!

Show folder content: ls -la


Do not put (external) dependencies in version control!


See where Git is located: which git

Get the version of Git: git --version

Create an alias (shortcut) for git status: git config --global status


Help: git help


Initialize Git: git init

Get everything ready to commit: git add .

Get custom file ready to commit: git add index.html

Commit changes: git commit -m "Message"

Add and commit in one step: git commit -am "Message"

Remove files from Git: git rm index.html

Update all changes: git add -u

Remove file but do not track anymore: git rm --cached index.html

Move or rename files: git mv index.html dir/index_new.html

Undo modifications (restore files from latest commited version): git checkout -- index.html

Restore file from a custom commit (in current branch): git checkout 6eb715d -- index.html


Go back to commit: git revert 073791e7dd71b90daa853b2c5acc2c925f02dbc6

Soft reset (move HEAD only; neither staging nor working dir is changed): git reset --soft 073791e7dd71b90daa853b2c5acc2c925f02dbc6

Undo latest commit: git reset --soft HEAD~

Mixed reset (move HEAD and change staging to match repo; does not affect working dir): git reset --mixed 073791e7dd71b90daa853b2c5acc2c925f02dbc6

Hard reset (move HEAD and change staging dir and working dir to match repo): git reset --hard 073791e7dd71b90daa853b2c5acc2c925f02dbc6

Update & Delete

Test-Delete untracked files: git clean -n

Delete untracked files (not staging): git clean -f

Unstage (undo adds): git reset HEAD index.html

Commit to most recent commit: git commit --amend -m "Message"

Update most recent commit message: git commit --amend -m "New Message"


Show branches: git branch

Create branch: git branch branchname

Change to branch: git checkout branchname

Create and change to new branch: git checkout -b branchname

Rename branch: git branch -m branchname new_branchname or: git branch --move branchname new_branchname

Show all completely merged branches with current branch: git branch --merged

Delete merged branch (only possible if not HEAD): git branch -d branchname or: git branch --delete branchname

Delete not merged branch: git branch -D branch_to_delete


True merge (fast forward): git merge branchname

Merge to master (only if fast forward): git merge --ff-only branchname

Merge to master (force a new commit): git merge --no-ff branchname

Stop merge (in case of conflicts): git merge --abort

Stop merge (in case of conflicts): git reset --merge // prior to v1.7.4

Merge only one specific commit: git cherry-pick 073791e7


Put in stash: git stash save "Message"

Show stash: git stash list

Show stash stats: git stash show stash@{0}

Show stash changes: git stash show -p stash@{0}

Use custom stash item and drop it: git stash pop stash@{0}

Use custom stash item and do not drop it: git stash apply stash@{0}

Delete custom stash item: git stash drop stash@{0}

Delete complete stash: git stash clear

Gitignore & Gitkeep


Useful templates:

Add or edit gitignore: nano .gitignore

Track empty dir: touch dir/.gitkeep


Show commits: git log

Show oneline-summary of commits: git log --oneline

Show oneline-summary of commits with full SHA-1: git log --format=oneline

Show oneline-summary of the last three commits: git log --oneline -3

Show only custom commits: git log --author="Sven" git log --grep="Message" git log --until=2013-01-01 git log --since=2013-01-01

Show only custom data of commit: git log --format=short git log --format=full git log --format=fuller git log --format=email git log --format=raw

Show changes: git log -p

Show every commit since special commit for custom file only: git log 6eb715d.. index.html

Show changes of every commit since special commit for custom file only: git log -p 6eb715d.. index.html

Show stats and summary of commits: git log --stat --summary

Show history of commits as graph: git log --graph

Show history of commits as graph-summary: git log --oneline --graph --all --decorate


Compare modified files: git diff

Compare modified files and highlight changes only: git diff --color-words index.html

Compare modified files within the staging area: git diff --staged

Compare branches: git diff master..branchname

Compare branches like above: git diff --color-words master..branchname^

Compare commits: git diff 6eb715d git diff 6eb715d..HEAD git diff 6eb715d..537a09f

Compare commits of file: git diff 6eb715d index.html git diff 6eb715d..537a09f index.html

Compare without caring about spaces: git diff -b 6eb715d..HEAD or: git diff --ignore-space-change 6eb715d..HEAD

Compare without caring about all spaces: git diff -w 6eb715d..HEAD or: git diff --ignore-all-space 6eb715d..HEAD

Useful comparings: git diff --stat --summary 6eb715d..HEAD

Blame: git blame -L10,+1 index.html

Releases & Version Tags

Show all released versions: git tag

Show all released versions with comments: git tag -l -n1

Create release version: git tag v1.0.0

Create release version with comment: git tag -a v1.0.0 -m 'Message'

Checkout a specific release version: git checkout v1.0.0


Show remote: git remote

Show remote details: git remote -v

Add remote origin from GitHub project: git remote add origin

Add remote origin from existing empty project on server: git remote add origin ssh://root@

Remove origin: git remote rm origin

Show remote branches: git branch -r

Show all branches: git branch -a

Compare: git diff origin/master..master

Push (set default with -u): git push -u origin master

Push to default: git push origin master

Fetch: git fetch origin

Fetch a custom branch: git fetch origin branchname:local_branchname

Pull: git pull

Pull specific branch: git pull origin branchname

Merge fetched commits: git merge origin/master

Clone to localhost: git clone or: git clone ssh://

Clone to localhost folder: git clone ~/dir/folder

Clone specific branch to localhost: git clone -b branchname

Delete remote branch (push nothing): git push origin :branchname or: git push origin --delete branchname


Create a zip-archive: git archive --format zip --output master

Export/write custom log to a file: git log --author=sven --all > log.txt


Ignore files that have already been committed to a Git repository:


Hide Git on the web via .htaccess: RedirectMatch 404 /\.git (more info here:

Large File Storage


Install: brew install git-lfs

Track *.psd files: git lfs track "*.psd" (init, add, commit and push as written above)

yolayne commented Jan 27, 2015

Small typo under "General" section:

Get verything ready to commit: git add .

good one!

Bhavik3 commented Feb 12, 2015

it helps a lot for me ....thanks


hofmannsven commented Feb 16, 2015

Thanks, also updated the typo 😊

boonchu commented Feb 16, 2015

I thought about quick manual for git. You did it. Thanks.


ghost commented Mar 17, 2015

Great work. Any of the branch stuff work for releases? When migrating for example, I am able to run (in Unix) for remote ingit branch -r | grep -v '->'; do git branch --track $remote; done and then upon a push, get all of my branches to the new repo. Any shortcuts for the releases?

Great work it helps me lot thank you

ryrych commented May 1, 2015

Thanks for the info how to chop long files! It is especially useful for generated translations.js - every time you make a little change in a translation first you get hundreds of lines before and then the same amount of lines after (as there's only one line in the file)

jfmercer commented Jun 5, 2015

Great work. Thanks.

Thanks for this. Bookmarked.

Best git cheatsheet, bookmarked.

I tend to use this alot, do you as well?

Show working tree status and ignore untracked files:
git status -uno

how do I set myself as a normal branch not a master branch?

thanks for the cheat sheet :)

Superb !!! Great Cheatsheet..

jsroyal commented Feb 6, 2016


kropiv commented May 23, 2016

thanks a lot!

very helpful... awesome tutorial

mhdphp commented Jul 3, 2016

Excellent... thanks!

thanks a lot, very helpful

Awsome Help!

tiennv90 commented Aug 8, 2016

thank you very much for making this script

nice work, thanks.

Best list I've found, thanks! I have a large folder in a GitHub repo master branch with too many pngs inside to delete manually online. Any chance you can go through the steps, in order and for a beginner, showing how, after I've cloned my repo on my desktop, I can delete a folder and return the repo?

Nzalo commented Oct 18, 2016

thanks for this πŸ‘

Covered all basic commands.. Thanks alot

stevexyz commented Dec 5, 2016

Get everything ready to commit including deletion and renaming: git add -A .

stevexyz commented Dec 5, 2016

See the last actions on the repo: "git reflog"

very helpful

Awesome Sir.... Really very help ful :)

Get everything ready to commit: git add .

If you are not in the base of the git repo, this command does not add all files to staging area. Better to use

git add -A

Rongcong commented Feb 8, 2017

It's brilliant. Thanks for your contribution!

There is a typo in "Merge to master (forc a new commit): git merge --no-ff branchname".
It should be force?

Nice one.
It's very useful for beginners to Git.

What about going to different versions in the log ?

Good work man .. Thanks :)

Hi! very nice overview!
do you know if there a way of checking whether the changes from a specific commit are still maintained in another commit? (via git terminal)

sipoma commented Apr 28, 2017

Well Done!!! Very Very Useful

KateGH commented May 12, 2017

Thank you for sharing, really useful!!

Thank you for sharing!.

Cool easy place to get a reminder about some commands

Great work. Thank you

Awesome, thanks for this resource! Just one question here, this seems like it can't be right since its the same command...

Commit to most recent commit: git commit --amend -m "Message"
Update most recent commit message: git commit --amend -m "New Message"

Great list, thanks for this.

I would add:
Show history of changes for one file: gitk [filename]

Thanks, Very helpful

Thank you!

count48 commented Oct 9, 2017

This will be there on my bookmarks forever , thanks for putting this together @hofmannsven

yh2n commented Oct 17, 2017

Very helpful, thanks!

Thanks. A huge time saver and very helpful.

rajops commented Nov 9, 2017

Nice that you but together most of the Git commands, thanks πŸ‘



awesome. thanks!

The best cheat sheets. Thanks !

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