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module CYK where
import Control.Lens
import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.Free
--import Control.Monad.Trans.RWS.Lazy
import Control.Monad.Trans.State.Lazy
--import Control.Monad.Trans.Writer.Lazy
import qualified Data.Array as A
import Data.Either
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Data.Maybe
import qualified Data.MultiMap as MM
--import Data.Tree as T
import Utilities
--type WS w s = RWST () w s
{-| Array helpers -}
fillArray :: (A.Ix i) => (i,i) -> e -> A.Array i e
fillArray (lo,hi) =
A.listArray (lo, hi) . repeat
instance (Show k, Show a) => Show (MM.MultiMap k a) where
show = show . MM.toMap
aset :: (Ix i) => i -> e -> Array i e -> Array i e
aset i e = (//[(i,e)])-}
{-| Data types -}
type Symbol = Either
pattern Nonterminal a = Left a
pattern Terminal t = Right t
--type Grammar a = M.Map a [Symbol a]
data CNFGrammar a t = CNFGrammar {_unitProds :: [(a, t)],
_prods :: [(a, [a])],
_charMap :: MM.MultiMap t Int} deriving Show
makeLenses ''CNFGrammar
initCNF :: (Ord t) => [(a, t)] -> [(a, [a])] -> CNFGrammar a t
initCNF p1 p2 =
CNFGrammar {_unitProds = p1,
_prods = p2,
_charMap = for' (zenumerate p1) MM.empty (\(i,(_,r)) -> MM.insert r i)}
type ProdTable a t = A.Array (Int, Int) (MM.MultiMap a (Either (Int, [a]) t))
{-| CYK parse -}
cykParse' :: (Ord a, Ord t) => [t] -> CNFGrammar a t -> State (ProdTable a t) Bool
cykParse' str grammar = do
let n = (length str)
put (fillArray ((1, 0),(n, n - 1)) MM.empty)
--for all characters in the string [t]
forM_ [0..(n-1)] (\i ->
--for each unit production rule r -> t
forM_ (MM.lookup (str!!i) (grammar ^. charMap)) (\j ->
let (r,t) = (grammar ^. unitProds)!!j
in modify (ix (1,i) %~ MM.insert r (Terminal t)) {-
forM_ (grammar ^. unitProds) (\(r, t) ->
--set P[1,i,r] to point to the character
if t == str!!i
then modify (ix (1, i) %~ MM.insert r (Terminal t))
else return ()-}
--for each possible length of span
forM_ [2..n] (\i ->
--for each possible start of span
forM_ [0..(n-i)] (\j ->
--for each possible partition of span
forM_ [1..(i-1)] (\k ->
--for each production rule
forM_ (grammar ^. prods) (\(a,[b,c]) ->
modify (\p -> if MM.member (p A.! (k,j)) b && MM.member (p A.! (i-k,j+k)) c
then p & ix (i,j) %~ MM.insert a (Nonterminal (k,[b,c]))
else p)
p <- get
return (not $ MM.null (p A.! (n,0)))
gr = initCNF [("VP","eats"),
[("S", ["NP","VP"]),
("VP", ["VP","PP"]),
("VP", ["V","NP"]),
("PP", ["P","NP"]),
("NP", ["Det","N"]),
--let's add some ambiguity
("NP", ["NP","PP"])]
sent = words "she eats an artichoke with a fork"
parsed = runState (cykParse' sent gr) undefined
data LabeledList a t = LabeledList a [t] deriving Show
type LabTree a = Free (LabeledList a)
pattern LabTree a t = Free (LabeledList a t)
{-| Given the start, the length, and the type -}
parsings' :: (Ord a) => Int -> Int -> a -> ProdTable a t -> [LabTree a t]
parsings' len i a pt = do
st <- MM.lookup a (fromMaybe MM.empty (pt ^? ix (len, i)))
--format is Either (Int, [a]) t
case st of
Nonterminal (k,[l,r]) ->
map (LabTree a) $ (\x y -> [x,y]) <$> parsings' k i l pt <*> parsings' (len-k) (i+k) r pt
Terminal term ->
[LabTree a [Pure term]]
parsings :: (Ord a) => ProdTable a t -> [LabTree a t]
parsings pt =
len = fst $ snd (A.bounds pt)
--for all the possible symbols...
foldMap (\x -> parsings' len 0 x pt) (MM.keys (pt A.! (len, 0)))
ans = parsings $ execState (cykParse' sent gr) undefined
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