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Created Nov 4, 2018
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Comparison of gnuplot, Incanter, oz/vega-lite for plotting usage data - Oz
(ns clj-charting.oz
[oz.core :as oz]
[incanter.core :refer :all]
[clj-charting.usage-chart-preparation :refer [read-usage-data moving-window-means]]))
(defn dataset->map-list
"Incanter dataset into a list of maps like
{\"0\" 1541065398391, \"1\" 446693376, \"2\" 99.9, \"cpu_mean\" 89}"
(let [rows (to-list ds)
means (moving-window-means 60 (sel ds :cols 2))]
(zipmap (map str (range)) %1)
"cpu_mean" %2)
(def gb4 (* 3 1024 1024 1024))
;; TODO Display legend - IMPOSSIBLE :-( until Datum
(def line-plot
(let [data (dataset->map-list (read-usage-data "siege-c10-all-urls-async-node11.dat"))
x-enc {:field "0"
:type "temporal"
:timeUnit "hoursminutesseconds" ; :aggregate "mean" l <- this kills points with same value
:axis {:title "Time"}
:scale {:zero false}}]
{:width 700
:data {:values data}
;;; 👇 requires VL v3 until then we have to compute cpu_mean using Incanter
;:transform [{:window [{:op "mean"
; :field "1"
; :as "cpu_mean"}]
; :frame [-10, 10]}]
; TODO VLv3: use this 👇 instead of repeating the X on each plot
;:encoding {:x x-enc}
:layer [{:mark {:type "line"
:clip true
:color "red"}
:encoding {:x x-enc
:y {:field "1"
:type "quantitative"
:axis {:format ".1s" :title "Memory" :labelColor "red" #_"required VL 3"}
:scale {:domain [0 gb4]}}}}
{:layer [
{:mark {:type "point"
:clip true}
:encoding {:x x-enc
:y {:field "2"
:type "quantitative"
:axis {:title "CPU [%]" :labelColor "blue"}}}}
{:mark {:type "line"
:clip true
:color "blue"}
:encoding {:x x-enc
:y {:field "cpu_mean"
:type "quantitative"
:title nil
:axis nil}}}]}]
:resolve {:scale {:y "independent"}}}))
(oz/v! line-plot)
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holyjak commented Nov 4, 2018

You can open the chart in the online Vega Editor and play with it.

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