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// See, jQuery version with arrays and objects support
function post(path, parameters) {
var form = $('<form></form>');
form.attr("method", "post");
form.attr("action", path);
$.each(parameters, function(key, value) {
if ( typeof value == 'object' || typeof value == 'array' ){
$.each(value, function(subkey, subvalue) {
var field = $('<input />');
field.attr("type", "hidden");
field.attr("name", key+'[]');
field.attr("value", subvalue);
} else {
var field = $('<input />');
field.attr("type", "hidden");
field.attr("name", key);
field.attr("value", value);

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@StephanWeinhold StephanWeinhold commented Jan 29, 2016

I'd use var post = function as every function in JS is a variable.

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