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hongttran / Cheap ride sharing in Houston
Last active May 9, 2017 00:54
Help users find the best price for their ride service, using the Uber API and others in the Houston Market
View Cheap ride sharing in Houston - LYFt (currently not in Houston), Need to check - Uber - Arro - Z-trip - Wingz - GetMe
Comparing between ride share apps which company is offering the best price at the time of the drive request
View In Own Words - Unit 2, Lesson 5, Assignment 4
A scope would be the global and local scope, which is a set of variables, objects and functions in which global scopes can be accessed outside of the function, and local scope can only be accessed from inside of the function.
Global scopes tend to be avoided because since it is not specifically declared, it could override commands of the local scopes leading to a lot of bugs and errors which would require debugging.
Javascript strict mode is when it prevents certain actions and allows more exception. It could allow an error to take place is a variable is not declared.
A side effect is when a global function overrides the local function and unintentionally modifies, while a pure function does not modifity the variables outside of the scope and returns the same results if the same system is being used.
Hosting is the way a JS interpeter finds the variable declaration in a scope, and moves it to the top of that scope.