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Charles Horn hornc

  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Twitter @kynesis
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Python Portable Minsky Machine
Implements a Python version of
counters = {}
def inc(counter):
hornc /
Created Nov 30, 2021
Takes an input list of ISBN13s and counts how many belong to each of the possible regional agencies.
# Takes an input file argument (a sorted list of ISBN13s)
# and counts how many ISBNs are present belonging to each
# regional agency as listed in the official
# ISBN export_rangemessage.xml data.
wget -nc
while read prefix agency; do
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Based on Google Drive v3 API Quickstart example
import os.path
import io
import sys
from googleapiclient.discovery import build
from googleapiclient.http import MediaIoBaseDownload
hornc /
Created Jul 2, 2020
testing some barcode check digit validations
# Library codabar (14 digit barcode) check digit validator
# (1 digit):material type + (4 digits):library code + (8 digits):item code + (1 digit): checksum
# source:
# - GOOD!
def vcodabar(n):
"""Validate the checkdigit of a 14 digit library barcode."""
check = int(n[-1])
data = n[:-1]
total = 0
for i, c in enumerate(data):
# data dumps are generated at the end of each month, this downloads them.
# This will save the separate dump files with the redirected filename containing dates.
wget --trust-server-names
wget --trust-server-names
wget --trust-server-names
gunzip *.gz
a72 1c 3c
a29 -1c -3c
a7 1c c-2 2c2 1c
a3 -1c 8c8
a-67 -8c-8 -3c
a-12 1c 3c
a55 -1c -3c
a24 1c 3c
a3 -1c -3c
hornc /
Last active Sep 22, 2020
Thue-Mirr esolang Interpreter

Thue-Mirr interpreter,

usage: [-h] [--debug] [--char] [--num NUM] file

Thue-Mirr Interpreter v1.0 by Salpynx. 2019 CC0

positional arguments:
 file source file to process
hornc / README.txt
Last active Jan 3, 2019
Retropie GPIO control script
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# script to be at
# Copy the unit file to
# ensure permissions are correct
sudo chmod 644 /lib/systemd/system/pi_shutdown.service
# To enable the service:
hornc /
Last active Oct 14, 2021
A ridiculous interpreter for the joke esoteric programming language APLBAONWSJAS
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import re
import subprocess
This is a ridiculous interpreter for the joke esoteric programming language APLBAONWSJAS
see for details.
!!!WARNING!!! this takes user input and runs it without checking as system commands,
this could have unintended consequences, and what you type could make changes to your
hornc / bf8
Last active Nov 21, 2018
Brainfoctal Interpreter
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# Brainfoctal interpreter.
# python3 to convert
# bff4, to interpret,
# $BFI should point to the compiled interpreter
# ./bf8 <bf8 Gödel number in dec|oct|hex|bin> <input data>
# EX.
# ./bf8 0o6565 Hi