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Raspberry Pi and Thunderboard help

Thunderboard Setup

I had a very difficult time following this tutorial so I am writing this to help me and other people. I would recommend following the directions in the tutorial using this page for reference if things go wrong.

I did this whole process on my Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian OS.

Following the GitHub doc

First things first: clone the repository.

git clone

I believe this is what you need to install node.js and npm on the Raspberry Pi 3

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

Once you have installed you will need to run gulp

When I tried to run gulp at first I had issues with missing modules. This is what I used

sudo npm install gulp-browserify gulp-plumber 

... including all the rest you will need. You may need to do

sudo npm install -g

to add things globally but I don't know what that means so I didn't worry about it.

Here is the reference: installing gulp modules

After you get gulp watch to work (not sure what it does), you will want to run gulp build.

Once this runs you will want to enter your thundercloud folder

cd thundercloud

I extracted the zip file from the tutorial to the the thundercloud folder.

Installing Bluepy

Following these instructions you will see

sudo apt-get install python-pip libglib2.0-dev
sudo pip install bluepy


You will need the command line tools. The link on the GitHub is outdated. Use this one.

Following the directions there all you will have to do is

npm install -g firebase-tools
firebase login

You will then login with your Google account and should now be able to use Firebase commands.

You will then run

firebase deploy --project <your firebase project id>

Make sure you are in the thundercloud folder when you run this.

*When you create a Firebase account you will create a project. The project will have a project ID. This will be "yourprojectname-5555" or something similar. This is the project name you will be using throughout the tutorial. Don't just use "yourprojectname"

Scanning for Thunderboards

Make sure your Thunderboard is turned on and run

sudo python

This script will scan for Thunderboards and every time it detects your Thunderboard it will return the sensing data.

Final notes

I still was unable to get the Silicon Labs app to work on the URL. I was able to see the real time database updating in Firebase but I was unable to see the visual Firebase app.

Here are the files from the original tutorial that you will need to download if you didnt already

bennettChen commented Jun 23, 2017

.... i cant do any thing about this board...
where is , i could not find this file.

PS: i even could not use app to get the information, just discover this board device id.(Thunder Sense #49078)
really trouble here.

every time, i ran the gulp command, it would be

gulp watch
[15:28:53] Using gulpfile D:\Project\Thunderboard\thundercloud-master\gulpfile.js
[15:28:53] Starting 'browserify'...
[15:28:53] Finished 'browserify' after 29 ms
[15:28:53] Starting 'less'...
[15:28:53] Finished 'less' after 3.11 ms
[15:28:53] Starting 'copy'...
[15:28:53] Finished 'copy' after 6.95 ms
[15:28:53] Starting 'connect'...
[15:28:54] Finished 'connect' after 616 ms
[15:28:54] Starting 'open'...
[15:28:54] Finished 'open' after 1.73 ms
[15:28:54] Starting 'default'...
[15:28:54] Finished 'default' after 2.56 μs
[15:28:54] Starting 'watch'...
[15:28:54] Finished 'watch' after 717 ms
[15:28:54] Server started http://localhost:8080
[15:28:54] LiveReload started on port 35729
[15:28:55] Plumber found unhandled error:
SyntaxError in plugin 'gulp-browserify'
D:/Project/Thunderboard/thundercloud-master/src/js/fake_2f082869.js: Assigning to rvalue (14:21)

and my browser got a blank page on localhost:8080


hornej commented Jun 26, 2017

I just updated final notes section. it includes the link to the files you will need.
The link is in the original tutorial but kind of hard to find so I figured I would add it here as well

. thank for the help. and i can get the sensing data & upload it to firebase.

the guide missed one thing, that is firebase for python needed to be installed.
===> sudo pip install python-firebase
if u dont run this command, python will show u the ==> No module named 'firebase'

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