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Last active Aug 27, 2021
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image tools: image merger (and add text to image) and recursive batch renaming tool. See for install instructions and blogpost
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# recursive goes down all folders
# and renames all image files with a _h or _v or _q suffix, depending on their geometry (vertical or horziontal or quadratic orientation)
# also writes image dimension as suffix
import os
#import os.path
import PIL.Image
import sys
import PySimpleGUI as sg
IMAGE_EXTENSIONS = ["jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif"]
def rename_files(startfolderlist=[]):
"""rename recursive (go in each (sub)folder) all image files with suffix (width x height)
and '_q' or '_v' or '_h' for quadratic, vertical or horizontal orientation """
## if this script is executed by right-click from ubuntu file manager (nautilus/caja) then all
## selected files / folders are passed as command line arguments!
# only ask by gui for start folder if python script is called without command line arguments
here = os.getcwd()
if startfolderlist is None or len(startfolderlist) == 0:
startfolder = sg.PopupGetFolder(message="pleas select start folder to recursive rename all image files",
if startfolder is None:
# startfolder can now be None if user clicked on Cancel button
# iterate over all passed startfolders
counter = 0
for startfolder in startfolderlist:
# starfolder can now be some crazy text if user entered text manually or by command line argument
# check if starfolder is a file -> use directory of file as startfolder
if os.path.isfile(startfolder):
pathname, filename = os.path.split(startfolder)
if pathname == "":
pathname = here
startfolder = pathname
sg.PopupOK(f"got a filename, will use the folder instead: {startfolder}")
if (startfolder is None) or (not os.path.isdir(startfolder)):
#sg.PopupError("cancel operation because: invalid startfolder ")
sg.PopupOK("processing:" + startfolder)
#if startfolder is None:
# # check if script was invoked by richt-click from file manager nautilus / caja with selected path
# filelist = []
# for path in os.getenv('NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS', '').splitlines():
# filelist.append(path)
# sg.PopupOK(f"got right click from file-manager: {filelist}")
# check if startfolder is a path
for path, dirs, files in os.walk(startfolder): # current dir
for one_file in files:
extension = one_file.split(".")[-1]
filename = one_file.split(".")[-2]
if extension.lower() in IMAGE_EXTENSIONS:
if "_" in filename:
#print("filenmaE:", filename)
if filename.split("_")[-1].lower() in ["h","v", "q"]:
print(filename + extension, "already processed?")
# open image in pil
with, one_file)) as img:
width = img.width
height = img.height
print("i could not open as image:", path, one_file)
print("processing:", path, one_file, width, height)
suffix = "q" # quadratic
if int(width) > int(height):
suffix = "h" # horizontal
elif int(width) < int(height):
suffix = "v" # vertical
os.rename(src= os.path.join(path, one_file),
dst= os.path.join(path, filename + f"{DIMENSION_PREFIX}{width}x{height}_{suffix}.{extension}"))
counter += 1
sg.Popup(f"I renamed {counter} files", auto_close_duration=1)
if __name__ == "__main__":
# print(sys.argv)
# sys.argv[0] is always the name of the python program itself
rename_files(sys.argv[1:]) # pass all arguments except the python program name
#!/usr/bin/env python3
Concatenate multiple images (selected in filemanager or passed as command line argument or choosed by gui)
and optional write a text on it
recommended to use as right-click-script with linux file manager Caja / Nautilus
ubuntu (nautilus):
put the script in ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts and make the script executable
ubuntu mate (caja):
put the script in ~/.config/caja/scripts and make the script executable
right-click some images in file-manager, then choose scripts ->
you can also pass filenames as command line arguments when calling this script:
python3 image_merge_and_meme *.jpg
or you can call this python file without any command line arguments and use only the gui
see blog post:
see PIL documentation:
linux fonts are installed in /usr/share/fonts/truetype ...
needs installed:
pil (pillow)
import PIL.Image
import PIL.ImageDraw
import PIL.ImageFont
import PySimpleGUI as sg
import time
#import os
import sys
IMAGE_EXTENSIONS = ["jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif"]
PREVIEW_SIZE = (640,640)
WINDOW_SIZE = (960,960)
def generate_time_stamp(datestamp=True, timestamp=True):
"""creating an datestamp/timestamp string to act as a suffix for the filename"""
# time.localtime() gives this struct:
# time.struct_time(tm_year=2021, tm_mon=8, tm_mday=19, tm_hour=12, tm_min=45, tm_sec=51, tm_wday=3, tm_yday=231, tm_isdst=1)
result_string = ""
if datestamp:
result_string += f"_{time.localtime().tm_year}{time.localtime().tm_mon:02}{time.localtime().tm_mday:02}"
if timestamp:
result_string += f"_{time.localtime().tm_hour:02}{time.localtime().tm_min:02}{time.localtime().tm_sec:02}"
return result_string
def splitme(x):
"""gives back a as-quadratic-as-possible list of list
:param x:int = number of items (images)
:returns list of lists
4-> [[0,1], [2,3]]
5-> [[0], [1,2], [3,4]]
6-> [[0,1],[2,3], [4,5]]
7-> [[0], [1,2,3], [4,5,6]
8-> [[0,1], [2,3,4], [5,6,7]]
9-> [[0,1,2], [3,4,5], [6,7,8]]
result = []
i = 0
root = x ** 0.5
smallroot = int(root)
bigroot = int(root + 1)
if root == int(root):
rowrange = range(int(root))
colrange = range(int(root))
elif abs(x - smallroot ** 2) < abs(bigroot ** 2 - x):
bestroot = smallroot
line = list(range(0, x - bestroot ** 2))
i = len(line)
rowrange = range(bestroot)
colrange = range(bestroot)
bestroot = bigroot
# return bestroot - (bestroot**2 - x), "+", bestroot-1 ,"x" , bestroot
line = list(range(bestroot - (bestroot ** 2 - x)))
i = len(line)
rowrange = range(bestroot - 1)
colrange = range(bestroot)
for row in rowrange:
line = []
for col in colrange:
i += 1
return result
def get_concat_h_multi_resize(im_list, resample=PIL.Image.BICUBIC):
"""concatenate images horizontally. see"""
min_height = min(im.height for im in im_list)
im_list_resize = [im.resize((int(im.width * min_height / im.height), min_height),resample=resample)
for im in im_list]
total_width = sum(im.width for im in im_list_resize)
dst ='RGB', (total_width, min_height))
pos_x = 0
for im in im_list_resize:
dst.paste(im, (pos_x, 0))
pos_x += im.width
return dst
def get_concat_v_multi_resize(im_list, resample=PIL.Image.BICUBIC):
"""concatenate images vertically. see"""
min_width = min(im.width for im in im_list)
im_list_resize = [im.resize((min_width, int(im.height * min_width / im.width)),resample=resample)
for im in im_list]
total_height = sum(im.height for im in im_list_resize)
dst ='RGB', (min_width, total_height))
pos_y = 0
for im in im_list_resize:
dst.paste(im, (0, pos_y))
pos_y += im.height
return dst
def get_concat_tile_resize(im_list_2d, resample=PIL.Image.BICUBIC):
"""create big images from list of lists of images, see"""
im_list_v = [get_concat_h_multi_resize(im_list_h, resample=resample) for im_list_h in im_list_2d]
return get_concat_v_multi_resize(im_list_v, resample=resample)
def get_concat_h_blank(im1, im2, color=(0, 0, 0)):
"""merge images horizontally, leaving blank the leftover see"""
dst ='RGB', (im1.width + im2.width, max(im1.height, im2.height)), color)
dst.paste(im1, (0, 0))
dst.paste(im2, (im1.width, 0))
return dst
def get_concat_v_blank(im1, im2, color=(0, 0, 0)):
"""merge images vertically, leaving blank the leftoer, see"""
dst ='RGB', (max(im1.width, im2.width), im1.height + im2.height), color)
dst.paste(im1, (0, 0))
dst.paste(im2, (0, im1.height))
return dst
def create(filenames = None, horizontal = True, vertical = False, outputfilename="result.jpg", memetext=None,
fontsize=12, fontcolor=None, fontfile="/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeMonoBold.ttf",
make_tiles = False):
saves an merged image, add text to it and saves a smaller png preview image as well
:param horizontal: to merge images in a row
:param vertical: to merge images in a column
:param outputfilename: outputfilename. Shall NOT be "preview.png"
:param memetext: multi-line text or None
:param fontsize: fontsize of meme text
:param fontcolor: fontcolor (hex) of meme text
:param fontfile: path to fontfile for meme text
:param make_tiles: programs try to arrange images in rows and columns
:returns: image width, image height, preview width, preview height
if filenames is None:
raise ValueError("no filenames passed")
sg.PopupQuick("merging images, please wait...", auto_close_duration=1)
#for path in os.getenv('NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS', '').splitlines():
# filenames.append(path)
images = []
# create pil image objects and store them in the list 'images'
for one_filename in filenames:
im =
sg.PopupError("could not open:" + one_filename)
if horizontal:
im = get_concat_h_multi_resize([*images])
elif vertical:
im = get_concat_v_multi_resize([*images])
elif make_tiles: # make as quadratic as possible
ranklist = splitme(len(images))
im_list = [[images[rank] for rank in line] for line in ranklist]
im = get_concat_tile_resize(im_list)
# make text
if memetext is not None and len(memetext.strip()) > 0 :
draw = PIL.ImageDraw.Draw(im)
#draw.rectangle((0, 0, im.width, im.height), fill=(255, 255, 255))
##draw.line((0, im.height, im.width, 0), fill=(255, 0, 0), width=8)
##draw.rectangle((100, 100, 200, 200), fill=(0, 255, 0))
##draw.ellipse((250, 300, 450, 400), fill=(0, 0, 255))
font = PIL.ImageFont.truetype(fontfile, fontsize)
x = im.width // 2 # find middle pixel coordinate of image
y = im.height // 2
anchor="mm", # mm means middle (vertical) and middle (horizontal). see documentation
fill = fontcolor,
# finally, save to disk # big picture
# resize the preview image so that it fit into PREVIEW_SIZE but maintains aspect ratio
shrink_factor = 1.0
if im.width <= PREVIEW_SIZE[0] and im.height <= PREVIEW_SIZE[1]:
# all ok, take preview as it is
shrink_factor = 1.0
elif im.width > im.height and im.width > PREVIEW_SIZE[0]:
# shrink the width, maintain aspect ratio
shrink_factor = PREVIEW_SIZE[0] / im.width
elif im.height > im.width and im.height > PREVIEW_SIZE[1]:
shrink_factor = PREVIEW_SIZE[1] / im.height
elif (im.height == im.width) and ((im.width > PREVIEW_SIZE[0]) or (im.height > PREVIEW_SIZE[1])):
shrink_factor = min(PREVIEW_SIZE[0], PREVIEW_SIZE[1]) / im.width
im2 = im.resize(size=(int(im.width * shrink_factor), int(im.height * shrink_factor)))
#im2 = im.resize(size=PREVIEW_SIZE)"preview.png") # small preview png, see PREVIEW_SIZE
return im.width, im.height, im2.width, im2.height # return dimension of big picture
def main(filelist=[]):
pysimplegui menu.
from pysimplegui cookbook
## nautilus right-click pass all selected file/foldernames as command line arguments!
if len(filelist) > 0:
goodlist = []
#remove everything that has no extension
for name in filelist:
if "." not in name :
#print("has no dot:", name)
# remove everything that has no valid image extension
extension = name.split(".")[-1]
if extension.lower() not in IMAGE_EXTENSIONS:
print("unknown extension in", name)
filelist = goodlist
#im = None
left_part = sg.Column(layout=[
[sg.Text("meme text :")],
[sg.Multiline(key="memetext", size=(50,5), default_text="hello\nmy\nlove")],
[sg.ColorChooserButton("select text color:", target="hexcolor", key="color"),
sg.InputText(key="hexcolor", size=(10,1), default_text="#FF0000")],
[sg.Text("font size:"),
sg.Slider(range=(10,1000), default_value=120,key="fontsize", orientation="h", size=(35,15))],
[sg.Button("select font file", key="font"), sg.InputText(key="fontfile", size=(35,1), default_text="/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/FreeMonoBold.ttf"),],
[sg.Text("output filename:"), sg.InputText(key='outputfilename', default_text="merged_image.jpg", size=(50,1)),],
[sg.Text("add suffix to filename:"),
sg.Checkbox(text="_YYYY_MM_DD", default=False, key="suffix_date"),
sg.Checkbox(text="_hh_mm_ss", default=True, key="suffix_time")],
[sg.Button(button_text="Create!", bind_return_key=True, key="ok"), sg.Button(button_text="Quit", key="cancel")],
right_part = sg.Column(layout=[
[sg.Text("image filenames:"), sg.Button("add image file:", key="add_imagefile")],
# [sg.Text("zweite Zeile")],
[sg.Listbox(values=[filename.split("/")[-1] for filename in filelist], size=(65,13), key="imagefilenames",enable_events=True, )],
[sg.Text("selected file:"),
sg.Button("\u2191", key="move_up", disabled=True),
sg.Button("\u2193", key="move_down", disabled=True),
sg.Button("remove", key="remove", disabled=True)],
[sg.Text('layout: merge (concatenate) images:')],
[sg.Radio("horizontal", default=True, group_id="hv", key="horizontal"),
sg.Radio("vertical", default=False, group_id="hv", key="vertical"),
sg.Radio("quadratic", default=False, group_id="hv", key="quadratic"),
], vertical_alignment="top", element_justification="left"
layout = [
[left_part, sg.VerticalSeparator(), right_part],
[sg.Text("preview of:"), sg.Text(text = "<no image created yet>", key="previewtext", size=(100,1))],
window = sg.Window('Image Merge and Meme Tool', layout, size=WINDOW_SIZE)
while True:
event, values =
# file-entry buttons enable/disable?
if len(values["imagefilenames"]) > 0:
window["move_up"].update(disabled = False)
# --------- event handler ----
if event == sg.WINDOW_CLOSED or event=="cancel":
break # end of GUI loop
elif event in ["move_up", "move_down", "remove"]:
if values["imagefilenames"] is None or len(values["imagefilenames"]) == 0:
print("no action because of: empty list or no item selected")
name = values["imagefilenames"][0]
#i = [filename.split("/")[-1] for filename in filelist].index(values["imagefilenames"][0])
#print("i", i, "name:", name)
#print("Widget:", window.Element('imagefilenames').Widget.curselection() )
index = window.Element('imagefilenames').Widget.curselection()[0]
print("index:", index, "fillist", filelist)
if event == "move_up":
if index > 0:
filelist.insert(index - 1, filelist.pop(index)) # moving up
index -= 1
print("already at top position")
elif event == "move_down":
if index <= len(filelist):
filelist.insert(index + 2, filelist[index])
index += 1
print("already at last position")
elif event == "remove":
# update listbox entries, generated from filelist
window["imagefilenames"].update(values= [filename.split("/")[-1] for filename in filelist],
elif event == "add_imagefile":
# let user choose an file to add to filelist
newfile = sg.PopupGetFile(message="select imagefile(s) to add", title="choose file",
if newfile is None:
continue # cancel this operation
# newfile can contain a single filename or a string of multiple filenames seperated by semicolon (;)
if ";" in newfile:
for one_new_file_name in newfile.split(";"):
window["imagefilenames"].update(values = [filename.split("/")[-1] for filename in filelist])
elif event == "font":
window["fontfile"].update(sg.popup_get_file(message="select true type font:",
title="choose folder and file",
elif event == "ok": # create image
# quadratic needs at minimum 4 images:
if values["quadratic"] and len(filelist) < 4:
sg.PopupError("I need a minimum of 4 images to arrange quadratic")
output_name = ""
timestampstring = generate_time_stamp(values["suffix_date"], values["suffix_time"]) # can be ""
if values["outputfilename"] is None or len(values["outputfilename"]) == 0:
if timestampstring == "":
sg.PopupError("please enter an outputfilename or enable date/time suffix")
output_name = timestampstring + ".jpg"
elif "." not in values["outputfilename"]:
# check if ouputfilename is has an extension
output_name = values["outputfilename"] + timestampstring + ".jpg"
left_part = "".join(values["outputfilename"].split(".")[:-1]) # the part before the last dot
right_part = values["outputfilename"].split(".")[-1] # the part after the last dot
output_name = left_part + timestampstring + "." + right_part
width, height, preview_width, preview_height = create(
filenames =filelist,
fontfile = values["fontfile"],
make_tiles = values["quadratic"])
sg.PopupOK(f"images created:\npreview.png: {preview_width}x{preview_height} pixel\n{output_name}: {width} x {height} pixel")
window["preview"].update(size = (preview_width, preview_height))
window["preview"].update(filename="preview.png", size=(preview_width, preview_height))
#window["preview"].update(filename="preview.png", size=(100,100))
window["previewtext"].update(value=f"{output_name} dimension: {width} x {height} pixel")
#window["preview"].pad = ((WINDOW_SIZE[0]-preview_width)/2,(WINDOW_SIZE[1]-preview_height)/2)
if __name__ == "__main__":
# sys.argv[0] is always the name of the python program itself
main(sys.argv[1:]) # pass all other arguments to main (empty list if is passed if no arguments are given)
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