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Last active Dec 13, 2015
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Call for paper and keynote file of Droidcon Krakow 2015.

Managing Runtime Permissions

In the last GoogleIO 2015, google released the new feature of Marshmallow which is called "Runtime Permissions".

It drastically changed the way to handle permissions from the previous mechanism.

The change is basically great for users but also the hell for developers.

Because developers have to write a ton of boilerplate codes and the new mechanism and api may not be easy for developers.

For example

  • shouldShowRationale is a really confusing method
  • There is a lot of class which have methods about permissions, PermissionChecker, ContextCompat, ActivityCompat, FragmentCompat, etc...

So in this session, I'm gonna talk about what actually the change is and how to manage permissions well.

And I'm also gonna introduce the usage of my library "PermissionsDispatcher", which solves the problem that writing a ton of boilerplate codes.

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